Philadelphia From The Outside

Philadelphia is brimming with sounds, smells, and sights that are so different from the west coast. Sirens blare constantly, people yell prophesies on the street, painted murals adorn many a wall, and the aromas of every food imaginable fill the air. People seem as leery of me as I am of them, until a smile is exchanged, and then they warm quickly....more

4 [natural] Reasons to Start a Family in Philadelphia

Okay, so I don't live in Philadelphia, but I live close enough to reap all of the benefits the metro area has to offer.  After an 8 month absence, I'm excited that my family is moving back to the Philadelphia area because of the plethora of resources, activities and abundance of like-minded parents....more

Government Shut Down: Shame Shame

Shame on the government for acting less mature than my children....more

Recap of 2013 Budweiser's Made In America Festival, Day 1

Check out my indepth review of artist performances such as 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Emeli Sande and more on the first day of Budweiser's Made in America festival 2013!...more


S T R I C T L Y   V E R B O T E N . Read full post HERE. ...more

Extraterrenial Faux Gras

Attn: Philly Filmmakers and Restaurateurs


Where are the calls for increased regulations of abortion clinics?

Nancy Pelosi and other prominent pro-choice women have frequently said that they want abortion to be safe, legal and rare. While this argument is generally made against the backdrop of coat hanger allusions, what happens when legal abortions produce the unsafe, illegal and frequent atrocities, that happened in Philadelphia?...more

This was very informative. Somehow I had no idea this was going on. I agree with your point of ...more

Make It Count

In the hours between dark and dawn, the dreams came, tumbling over one another as they tend to do. I was sitting outside with coworkers, watching shooting stars after attending a memorial service for a child abuse victim. 'I should be watching these with my kids,' I said, getting up to leave....more


In an Orwellian move, Philadelphia has decided to increase revenue flow and put a dent in its debt problem by charging  Philadelphia bloggers a $300 business privilege license.  According to the City Paper, this fee will be levied on the account that a blogger has the potential to make money off of their blog, even if they have not yet made a profit off their blogs.  Letters have already been mailed  to Philadelphia bloggers demanding the fee....more