Stuff Bloggers Say (To Photographers)

Let's be clear, I'm not here to throw shade. I am not a tall ass Palm Tree. ...more

Why You Should Pretend To Be A Photographer At Least Once In A Lifetime

Photographers are like celebrities: they are rich and famous and they always make extraordinary things. And they are always busy doing more amazing things. It's certain that professional photography is not for everyone, even if nowadays we all have powerful cameras in our pockets. ...more


How to Launch Your Freelance Photography Career in 5 Simple Steps

Have you been thinking about launching a freelance photography career? Do you want to sell your photography online? Owning a photography business can give you a lot of freedom and fulfillment – especially considering you are your own boss and don’t have a work uniform – but you may not be sure how to get things started. Just as with any creative freelancing career, starting your own photography business can be a bit daunting. This post will cover the seven steps you should follow to become a freelance photographer....more

Wordless Monday #25 - In The Midst Of It

Wordless Monday #22- Blackberry Bush

A Staycation In Cambria | Part Two

Part two of our journey takes us to our time spent checking out all of the views that the coastline had to offer us while we were staying in Cambria. The cooler temperatures kept the fog lingering and I really enjoyed the mood it brought with it. It was relaxing for me in a way and allowed my mind to slow down to take the whole experience in....more

A Staycation In Cambria | Part One

My husband and I are always on the move. It’s one of the qualities that binds us in our relationship because neither one of us can stand still for very long without needing to change things up whether it be an overnight road trip or a weekend getaway....more

Wordless Monday #18 - International Cat Day

Happy International Cat Day! You know they think and truly believe, everyday is their day!...more