Wordless Monday #4 (Almost)

10 Ideas for a street photo in London

When my parents ask me what I do in London in my free time I say 'I love doing street photography!'. They are like: 'What? You just photograph a street? Like any street? A road? A wall? What?" Well...yes and no I answered. And then they came to visit me in London and my dad was taking photos of everything: signs, tube, houses, cars, etc....more

16 Fab Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

 Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs. Susan Sontag   I have a confession to make. I am beyond obsessed with Instagram. In fact, it is my absolute favorite social media network (after Twitter of course) at the moment and for many great reasons....more

Wordless Monday #3 (Almost)

Immersive Cherry Tree ≈ L'immersion dans le cerisier {Paris Street Photo}

 The inflorescence of the cherry blossoms is in progressto speed it up,you can add layers of petals, green leaves, black branches, blue, cerulean sky and white cloudsjust by standing under the tree and gazing at it from a certain perspective......more

Wordless Monday #1, (Almost)

What To Bring To A Photo Shoot

WHAT TO BRING ON A PHOTO SHOOTMarch 14, 2016 As many or some or none of you know I got a job at a photography studio down here in Jacksonv...more

Idaho & Montana Snaps

 Come visit me at Happy Apple for more blog posts! Michaela Hoffman  ...more

First Moments of Motherhood Captured in 35 Powerful and Unique Images

This is the moment.The moment I experienced a miracle- bringing life into the world and meeting my daughter for the first time. The nursing staff were still rushing around and the tears were streaming down my face. I was completely oblivious to the doctor stitching me up. I did not care about anything else at that moment. ...more

3 Simple Steps to Organizing Digital Photos on Your Computer

 Remember film, and how our parents would take photos of us and drop those little rolls off and a few days later come back with a bag full of pictures?Those little kiosks in parking lots that were devoted solely to being the place where you would drop off and pick up your memories?...more