Goodness Gracious

 I wanna hold you closeBut I never wanna feel ashamed. Swore upon the starsI’d keep you til a night less day. Goodness gracious I can’t seem to stop....more

Advertising: A Visual

 Location: Old Manali...more

Wordless Wednesday

Selfie Phenomenom

You're strolling along a ridge at the ocean during a beautiful spring day, the wind is blowing softly in your hair. The setting would make such a beautiful picture, you tell yourself. But since you're walking alone and no one is around to capture your radiance, out comes your phone and the camera app is activated. You toggle the camera so it's front facing, click, you're taking a selfie. You look at the photo and see that you're squinting, so click, click, click. Glasses on or off? Left or right side? Sultry, pondering, laughing?...more

3 photography tips for a richer blog story

Here's the story, followed by the tips below. Newsflash: A re-homed local mongrel dog has been caught on camera abandoning her pre-loved toy bear. Donna the local mongrel refused to share her bed with the teddy bear, so much so that she was willing to give up the bed to the bear. ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - November 1-15, 2013

Can you believe that November is half over? I sure can't. ...more

My Jewelry Down Low

I just came back from an amazing trip from Greece. We stayed in Mykonos for the majority of the time. It was so fun to dress up and experience all that the culture had to offer. Mykonos is so lively, especially during the night time. There are so many unique people from different places of the world, sporting amazing fashion. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I brought on my trip....more

iphoneography: My 5 Favorite photography apps for your iphone

iPhoneography: My 5 Favorite iphone apps for Photography   I love my iphone....more

Sun Salutation (WPC: Habit)

This week, show us something that’s a HABIT. Capture a moment both constant and fleeting. During my daily commute, I normally pull over to admire and snap pictures of the sun rising at Kumukahi in the early morning sky. My route includes places to stop and watch the sun's beams pierce through and illuminate beautiful patterns from behind cloud formations....more

A walk with the wind

I went for a walk with the wind yesterday.  It was a short walk because I’m trying not to overdo.  When I stepped outside, a big gust nudged me in the middle of my back with the message to move forward.  Forward meant to the meadows where the goldenrod seeds littered the air, backlit by the late afternoon sun....more