First Moments of Motherhood Captured in 35 Powerful and Unique Images

This is the moment.The moment I experienced a miracle- bringing life into the world and meeting my daughter for the first time. The nursing staff were still rushing around and the tears were streaming down my face. I was completely oblivious to the doctor stitching me up. I did not care about anything else at that moment. ...more

3 Simple Steps to Organizing Digital Photos on Your Computer

 Remember film, and how our parents would take photos of us and drop those little rolls off and a few days later come back with a bag full of pictures?Those little kiosks in parking lots that were devoted solely to being the place where you would drop off and pick up your memories?...more

Romantic Maternity Session

When mommy met daddy:Natasha and William first met almost nine years ago at her best friend's birthday party. He asked for an introduction and after two years of being friends,  they started dating. They got married two years later and have now been married for four years....more

This Is Either Madness Or Brilliance. It’s Remarkable How Often Those Two Traits Coincide.

Reason number 25 to move to Costa Rica: That happy surprise about the Tico genius and sense of humor. ...more
Love the giraffes!  Off to read some more...  :)more

16 Photography Projects for 2016

Maybe you've decided that your goal this year is to improve your photography. One of the best ways is to start one of the many photography projects out there. Photography projects jumpstart your creativity, help you strengthen your photography skills, and document parts of your every day life that you never would have captured otherwise. There are many photography projects to choose from, so for 2016, I've got 16 photography project ideas for you! Choose one and watch your photography improve while you have fun. ...more
Great ideas! I love the Saturday morning one, especially. In the photo-a-day category, a friend ...more

It's Cold Out There!

 Snapshots of Finnish nature. Took these just after Xmas. Sunny but feels freezing cold. No snow yet just some rime.   ...more

8 Things I’ve Learned from Instagram Over the Last Three Years

When I got my first iPhone in 2012, the very first app I downloaded was Instagram. Instagram launched in October of 2010, and quickly grew in popularity. By the time I joined in 2012, it already had over 100 million active users. For someone like me who was forever filling up their phones with images, this was an app I knew I would never be without. Sure, I posted most of them to Facebook, but now I could have an app that was dedicated to my love of images. ...more
So true about the fitness communities on Insta! Inspiration game is STRONG!more

Food Styling & Photography


Nature Photo Challenge, Day 7

Day 7 of 7 - While I have many photographs of our trip to Alaska, this has to be one of my favorites. The timing of the riverboat turning and the double rainbow was perfect....more
Well that is one nice rainbow. We rarely see it at my hometown anymore.more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 4

Day 4: When we do a road trip, my hubby and I like to sometimes go off the beaten path. If a sign on the road sounds interesting, we'll take a little side trip and check it out. Sometimes we accidentally find something amazing... like this waterfall in a Washington State forest area off a forest road that our GPS for some reason thought was going to be faster than staying on the main highway. Shorter yes, faster no... but we did catch some amazing scenery......more