Nature Photo Challenge, Day 3

Day 3: When I take my camera out for a day of shooting, I try to find the unusual shot or angle. Sure, I'll take a picture of a famous landmark, but I'll always try to find a new angle or frame for it... but I also look for photos in the minutiae... like this small mushroom jutting out of the moss... while everyone else was looking up, I was looking down, and found a magical little world. ...more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 2

Day two of an online photo challenge on Facebook:There's something about logs on the beach that I love to photograph. I like their texture. I like to imagine their story of how they traveled from some wooded area and fell into a river, then were carried downstream to the ocean where they might have floated a long distance before landing on the beach. They might even still float away at high tide to another destination. ...more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 1

 A photography friend nominated me to complete a nature photo challenge for the next week,...more

What Not to Wear to a Professional Photo Shoot

When it comes to a professional photo shoot, there are certain recommendations that you should follow in terms of what you should wear, especially if you're going to be taking professional headshots or photos for your website. In order to look your best and make the best impression on everyone, including the photographer, check out the tips below. ...more
In my case, it will be more firing squad than photo shoot.more

Essential Photography Equipment for Moms

My entire photo library on my phone is pictures of my baby girl. It's very convenient for me to pull out my iPhone and snap pictures of the everyday moments, but there are definitely times when I use a camera to capture high quality photos. I always use my DSLR to capture milestone photos. The photos that show my baby growing, posed pictures outside against the backdrop of autumn leaves. And I love to bring my camera out with me on family outings. The pictures come out better and they are great for enlargements and those awesome photo books you can order online....more
What do you think of the mirrorless cameras? I am attracted to their size for travel and just ...more

Wabi Sabi Wood Table Study Part I

Barb BrookbankKeeping With the TimesHello, today I have a little “wabi sabi wood table study” as well as a study of the light, and camera settings....more

Stop Taking Pictures of Memories You Aren't Really Making

As fast as they excitedly walked up to drive the tractor, they were equally rushed to leave it. In that moment, it dawned on me for a repeated time: we are constantly so busy getting the best pictures for the notorious annual Facebook celebrations that we are forgetting to have the memories that drive these pictures in the first place. "Go sit on that pumpkin! Put your face in that scarecrow head hole! Hold your pumpkin and smile in the great lighting! Ok let's go home and upload these..." ...more
Thank you for reading and sharing! Im so happy you are able to really enjoy the experiences!more

Should You Do a Wedding First Look?

As many of you know, Dave and I chose to do a first look at our wedding. We went back and forth on the issue several times, and originally planned not to do one, but changed our minds just a week before the wedding. The first look, for those who don’t know, is when the bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. Typically the photographer attends and photographs the moment. Some couples choose to include their bridal party or parents, while others (including Dave and I) prefer to have just the two of them and the photographer....more
What a great testimony about the benefits of a first look! Not only does a first look free up ...more