Fall in Love: October Instagram Photo Challenge

I’m so excited to finally announce my very first Instagram challenge: #fallinloveoctober...more

Finding beauty in death

I cannot imagine the pain of a mother delivering a dead baby. All the dreams, all the plans, all the joy. Gone, just like that. As though it had never happened. I have no idea how I would react. Would I want pictures to remember that child? Or would it hurt more to look at them?...more

Anniversary the fifth

We'd just parked by the fuel pumps after an hour of Bonanza flight training. We'd gone out to get me comfortable in the high performance, complex airplane before our long trek to Oshkosh in it the next day. Sacramento's 100+ temperatures and mid-air bumps got the best of me though and I ambled down the ramp in search of water to splash on my face....more

Closing In

Getting close to a subject can have beautiful results.  With a close focus, no matter what you do with your aperture, you will have a shallow depth of field that can make the subject really pop.  It can also give you beautiful bokeh, those indistinct, fuzzy spots of light in the background....more


Way back 100 years ago, when I was taking photos with an entirely manual camera with film, every shot I took was carefully composed.  Since I was doing the focusing myself and the lens wasn't jumping around because I was too lazy to switch to manual focus, my subject matter could easily appear anywhere in the shot....more

Holidays in Barbados: 5 things to see and do

If I say Barbados, what images come immediately to mind? Sun, white or golden sand beaches, turquoise waters, waves slowly reaching the shores and touching your feet or perhaps you can imagine resting and relaxing on a long chair with a frozen cocktail in hand?This small island in the Caribbean is so rich in history, culture and is a great holiday destination for you and the whole family!...more

It was only a matter of time

Yesterday, I discovered one of my photos was used without permission or credit. While this is technically a violation of the copyright, it isn't a huge offense because the photo isn't being used for monetary gain. How I realized it is almost embarrassing to admit....more