Photo A Day Challenge - March 15-31, 2014

March is wrapping up... yes, already! It's been another fun and busy month of daily creativity as I participated in both the Photo A Day Challenge and NaBloPoMo... ...more

Groovebook: A Groovy Little App

I'm an avid Shark Tank viewer, and a few weeks ago, there was a couple on the show tryng to get help launching their app called Groovebook. Before their segment was over on Shark Tank, I had downloaded the app and signed up....more

Photo A Day Challenge - March 1-14, 2014

Earlier this month I was delighted to hear that my photo for the Photo A Day Challenge prompt for March 8 – In the corner – was highlighted as one of the "Eclectic Eight" on the FMS Photo A Day Facebook Group. How fun! ...more

The U.S. is corny....take a look

Playing with food made educational and fun! The United States is corny :)Click HERE to see short video on the making of these amazing food maps as well as several other continents and countries:  Africa, Australia and China are tasty too!...more

American History of Photography, the Darkroom, and the Unintended Photogram

Yay! I developed my first black and white photograph! Okay, it was a photogram, and this assignment was completed two weeks ago. Nevertheless, I experienced what it was like to walk in the dark room. It felt like I walked into a world that was only held for the privileged few, a sacred room where magic can happen or a nightmare of undeveloped nothingness could appear....more

Photo A Day Challenge - February 16-28, 2014

One more month of daily photos as part of the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge? Check! One more month of daily blogging as part of BlogHer's NaBloPoMo? Check! I'd say that 2014 is off to a pretty good start, creativity-wise! ...more

TUTORIAL: Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone

The best camera is the one you have with you, a mentor once said to me, and I've heard it dozens of times since. It's the camera you have with you that you know how to use, and that you can easily share photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your blog from. I mostly carry two cameras - my professional Canon DSLR and my iPhone 4S! I use both cameras for different reasons on the SAME day (at Disney World, anyone?) and I have to come to learn that using a smartphone camera is a photography learning experiment all on its own! Even though it doesn't have the same manual settings and complex lenses as a camera, you can still learn it to the best of your ability. Here are my tips on how to get eye-catching photos from iPhone (or any other smartphone) photography. ...more
Thank you for these tips! I 'll be trying them.more

Photography for Bloggers

This week in my in my class I’m going over some basics of photography, and I thought share with my readers some basic photography tips.View Post ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - February 1-15, 2014

Once again I am really enjoying the creative spark I get from participating in the Photo A Day Challenge... but you know what? I am dying to start taking some outdoor photos already! I had a couple in mind for the February 12 prompt ("Out + About"), but it was just too darn cold to spend any sort of time outside fussing around with photos. ...more

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you! :)more