PicMonkey vs. Photoshop Elements: Basic Photo Editing Tools & When To Use Them

So. You've got your DSLR, you've begun to try your hand at shooting in manual mode, and now you have all sorts of wonderful pictures to use. The only problem is they all need a little bit of tweaking. ...more
I never tried photoshop elements? Hmm. I guess I should give them a shot. Right now, I'm using ...more

The beautiful St. Augustine.

   As I promised in the last post “The day I lost my badge of honor”..... Here are my favorite pictures from the beautiful and historical St. ...more

Do You Ever Feel Like a Hidden Mother?

I don't remember how I happened to run across my first hidden—or even better, invisible—mother photograph. But I've been haunted by the pictures ever since I discovered them. There's really nothing sinister about them. The shrouded mother was never meant to be featured in the photograph. Here's how it was supposed to work. ...more
Thank you!more

Angles and Style!!!

       Holy hell I did it again..... I fell off. I am 2 days behind. But unlike the ...more

The word of the Day ........ PROCRASTINATION!!!

The word of the day is: PROCRASTINATION!!!  ...more

Alaska: Whale Watching Cruise

First of all, HAPPY EASTER! Christ has risen and it's a glorious day! (Of course, it decided to dump 3 inches of snow on us last night for no apparent reason, but who cares.) Everything in the house is bright and colorful and flowers everywhere and good smelling candy and food and cookies and AHHHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED....more

5 Free Photos From Me To You

I take so many photos and only use so many of them that I figured I'd offer them free: just for you! I like to use these when I'm making how-to posts or just want a pretty, high quality image to decorate my post. You know what they say: never make a post without a photo! :) Without further ado - free photos for you!...more

Picture This! May's NaBloPoMo Is a Photo Celebration

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more

Hands on iPhone photo tips part I

I have received several comments in the last weeks asking for iPhone photo tips, so now I will make good on my promise to write a post about this. Turns out I have more to share than I initially expected, so this will extend to a couple of posts. ...more