1000 photos in five years

How many photos do you have from your childhood? I am lucky - I had two parents who weren't afraid to break out the camera for holidays, vacations or even everyday events and didn't let the price of processing film scare them off. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)...more

How to Create Your Own Smashcake Photoshoot

Smashcake photoshoots are a blast!  However, they can also be pretty pricey.I could not bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional smashcake photoshoot for Will’s first birthday.  So instead I started creating a Pinterest board of all my favorite smashcake photos and set to work on creating my own smashcake photo session.Supplies Needed:...more

How to Choose Your First DSLR Camera

Post includes affiliate links...more

Best in Show: Photo Blogging Day 31

Sacramento at 1,200 feet

Classes at Sac State ended yesterday. I should've spent the day grading papers but knocking around at 1,200 feet sounded so much more fun.Nothing like a nice long flying lesson on a breezy day......more

PicMonkey vs. Photoshop Elements: Basic Photo Editing Tools & When To Use Them

So. You've got your DSLR, you've begun to try your hand at shooting in manual mode, and now you have all sorts of wonderful pictures to use. The only problem is they all need a little bit of tweaking. ...more
I never tried photoshop elements? Hmm. I guess I should give them a shot. Right now, I'm using ...more

The beautiful St. Augustine.

   As I promised in the last post “The day I lost my badge of honor”..... Here are my favorite pictures from the beautiful and historical St. ...more

Do You Ever Feel Like a Hidden Mother?

I don't remember how I happened to run across my first hidden—or even better, invisible—mother photograph. But I've been haunted by the pictures ever since I discovered them. There's really nothing sinister about them. The shrouded mother was never meant to be featured in the photograph. Here's how it was supposed to work. ...more
Thank you!more

Angles and Style!!!

       Holy hell I did it again..... I fell off. I am 2 days behind. But unlike the ...more

The word of the Day ........ PROCRASTINATION!!!

The word of the day is: PROCRASTINATION!!!  ...more