The Best Online Shops

Here are a few of my favorite photography shops online... Read more...

Japanese Beetle Damage Photos, Friday Wrap-Up

Loving that Fall, my favourite time of year is fast approaching. This weekend is the Labour Day weekend, so I'm happy about that. A great excuse to do what I want and if that means nothing, there's no guilt. I plan to continue catching up on reading, which I've made a point of, these last few weekends. Sometimes it's so nice to step inside another world for awhile. Be safe and have a great weekend!...more

Bleu Wave Photography by Jackie

Hello everyone,My name is Jackie and I am a photographer in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I will be posting pictures, tips, camera settings and guides to help you take better pictures everyday of your life. You will see that taking a perfect photo is a lot easier than you think........more

Getting Ready For Europe

Well, it’s not very long now before we head off into the sun again. This time we are headed for Zurich, where we will spend 3 days with a tour group our travel agent set up. We do get free time while we are there, which will be great, as long as we don’t get lost.After  3 days in Switzerland, we take a train to Amsterdam, where we board our Avalon Waterways river cruise boat for seven days of cruising the Rhine River. Afterwards, we spend 3 days in Paris, again with a guided tour group. Which gives me peace. I don’t want to get lost. Did I mention that before?...more
@elaineR.N. Am I really going to need all that security on guided tours gf? you are scaring me! :)more

Friday August 23-13, Photos

It's been a while since I've been happy with the results of my point & shoot camera photography, so I'll share some shots that I was able to take today. I don't know what's going on in the corner of the garden but it was fly, bee, and wasp central today. Of course I'll be back bugging them tomorrow to get more pictures of these amazing creatures. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!...more
I think they're great shots!more

Second Child

It was a big day for my little one. In my digital photo organizing project, I finally reached 2007.My daughter was born in the fall of 2006. For the last few weeks, the kids and I have been looking at photos and watching videos from my son's baby and toddler years. Although she is not in them, my daughter has enjoyed watching the videos more than anyone. Finally, she was the star of today's show....more

Wanna do a writing exercise with me?

Write out a list of descriptive words that come to mind when you think of your life as it currently is. Then take some time. Imagine that you're 95, or whatever age you'd like to see yourself when you're staring down the long, bright, inviting tunnel of whateversnextifanythingatall. And you look back upon your entire life and you get out your pen (or a kindly young and handsome pizza delivery boy who sits lovingly by your side gets a pen for you) and you make a new list. What descriptive words come to mind as you ponder the past? ...more

I am my Mother's Daughter

Since May 7 of this year, when I launched, my Canon camera goes wherever I go.  I am not a photographer and a camera was something I would reluctantly take only on vacations.  I wouldn’t even think of having a camera on me at all times.  You see, my mother is a photographer. Having to pose and to force a smile many times as my mother’s model/guinea pig, I grew a total distaste and dislike for all things related to photography....more

Henderson, Texas

Sometimes when you're in the midst of this crazy commotion we call life, all you want to do is step back in time when things were a little less hectic. Maybe a quiet stroll along the sidewalks nestled in front of historic buildings, actually shopping in quaint little stores or staring in through the windows from the street, dodging your reflection for a better view....more