Feelin Witchy and introducing Haus of Steen

Happy Tuesday Peoples!  I am loving the Halloween vibe today!Check out my mouthwash hahaha...more

I'll Take Pictures When I Want To

I'll Take Pictures When I Want ToA Case for Photo AddictionRecently I've been making an effort to hold back on pictures. Taking pictures, posting pictures, Instagramming pictures, filtering pictures, all of it. Although, I'm sure my Facebook friends and fans might beg to differ....more

Baking Weekend, Hits & Misses

(Last of the Fall flowers)This weekend was pretty quiet. The weather switched from constant rain, to beautiful sunshine....more

Nanci Jo Frazer

Nanci Jo Frazer is launches her blog on how she desires "Ridiculous Living". Her son was dying, she was betrayed in her business, her identity stolen, husband lost his job & was a victim of cyber harassment. Yet she says she would not change a thing?nancijofrazer.blogspot.com...more

Is Jefferson, Texas Haunted?

Located on the Big Cypress Bayou in Northeast Texas, Jefferson could (and should) be considered a portal for time travel, because once you cross over the Bayou, it takes visitors back to the Golden Era with horse-drawn carriages, steamboats, and red brick streets. If you are looking for history, then Jefferson (population 2,024), is the place you want to be....more

Be part of a fashion photography project


Autumn in an image

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Wednesday, October 9, 2013: Wordless Wednesday: show us autumn in an image. ...more
@Denise It's pretty, isn't it? I actually took this photo last autumn, but it looks like this ...more

Carroll, New Hampshire (Bretton Woods)

Today, we're going to venture north up Route 302, past the steep and narrow gorge of the Saco River called Crawford's Notch that offers up scenic waterfalls along the way and into the town of Carroll, New Hampshire which is near Mount Washington....more

Photo A Day Challenge - September 16-30, 2013

This month I had great fun participating in the September Photo A Day Challenge created by Fat Mum Slim. ...more

Ten Tips to Get Great Photos with Autistic Children

The needs of an Autistic child can be photographing them very difficult. They can have a hard time sitting in one position, or have sensory issues with bright lights. Here are my top ten tips for getting the perfect picture of your Autistic child. 1. Let the photographer know. If you are going to a photographer make sure you let them know ahead of time your child is Autistic. Let them know of any issues with bright lights, or problems sitting still. This will give them time to make some changes if need be. 2....more