It's #BlogHer16 in Pictures! View Photos From the Conference

Missing all the people you hung out with at #BlogHer16? Or did you (gasp!) miss #BlogHer16 and just want to check out the conference before you go next summer? The photos are back from the conference photographer and up on SheKnows Media's Flickr page. Remember the Expo Hall? And the Hatch Labs? ...more
I wish I could have gone this year, but it's so exciting to see everybody's pictures from the ...more

You CAN Learn to Use a Camera on Manual

Have you always wanted to use a camera in manual mode but didn't have the patience to figure it out?  I have owned my 35mm camera for over 10 years, but ...more

What Not to Wear to a Professional Photo Shoot

When it comes to a professional photo shoot, there are certain recommendations that you should follow in terms of what you should wear, especially if you're going to be taking professional headshots or photos for your website. In order to look your best and make the best impression on everyone, including the photographer, check out the tips below. ...more
In my case, it will be more firing squad than photo shoot.more

Moms, Change the POV and Get in the Family Pic!

I have several problems with taking pictures on my cell phone. The first problem is with my son. Every time I take out my phone to take a picture of him, he starts to pose and smile in an ultra cheesy way instead of the natural way he was smiling a few seconds earlier. Clearly I have told him one too many times to smile for the camera. ...more
Love this!! I have been making a major effort to get IN the pics over the last few years. And ...more

Selfies? Yes, please!

Today's prompt is about selfies. I love taking selfies! The thing about selfies is, they've been around far longer than our modern camera phones. The world's oldest known selfie dates back to 1839. ...more
'We' aren't obsessed with taking pictures of least I'm not, nor most of the ...more

Why Won't You Stop Posting Unflattering Pictures of Me?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I'm friends with a lot of other women in my neighborhood, and we go out at least once a month for drinks and gossip. ...more
Whine and moan. Kwitcherbitchin. Or start taking and posting ones in return. Seriously, if ...more

The Amazing Moments We're Not Photographing

My husband and I honeymooned at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. It. Was. Awesome. I mean, come on. There was a soft-serve ice cream machine on the beach. Dream come true....more
I think there are many moments because then you would have to reenact them, but then they ...more

A Picture is worth a thousand words

Saturday is a free topic day for #NaBloPoMo and that means I can talk about anything I want right? Well let's talk about pictures.I know I need a new camera I will get one soon enough...but they say a picture is worth a thousand words?...more

Capturing everyday moments

Do me a quick favor: Scroll through your phone and find a picture of an everyday moment. Something unscripted. One where nobody is looking at the camera. It's hard to find, isn't it?...more