Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” to Have Dreams Come True 3-20-12

The efforts made now based on your creative and intellectual inspiration should prove invaluable in the near future.It’s all about the energy you produce with your current potential, and the inertia you’ve gained in moving forward.Opposing Energies: arguments, faithlessness, negativity, worryStick to your plans, no vacillating.Steer clear of negative influences, in particular those that disagree or interfere with your plans.Let go of self-doubt in order to strengthen your vision for the future....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Clarify You’re Making Good Decisions 2-20-12

It’s a fantastic day to collaborate with others in just about any creative endeavor!So many creative energies are available that being clever and inventive may get you the improvements you desire!Look for changes in education, a move, or in a business relationship.There are enough ideas, creations, monies, people, opportunities, etc… for making progress in business now.Short commutes or trips are now in your future, perhaps to build business, and be fact-finding for your life....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Go With the Changes 2-12-12

You’re not alone in your restlessness.Taking financial responsibilities seriously is especially favored at this time.Whatever great ideas are floating around, examine them carefully, they may represent future success.Opposing Energies: selfish, subjective, unfocusedBusiness plans might be subject to change, so go with the changes.Maintain balance with finances.Travel plans may change as well.Wide Awake Words™ for today: determined, passionate, ambitious, openness...more

A 38 Hour Saga

Birth was going to be easy – it’s in my genes – fast and painless. The plan was done, natural all the way, bag packed, and now I just needed to deal with peeing all the time and the fact I couldn’t sleep – I was in a lot of pain now. The big day arrived, but I’d only managed two hours sleep the night before. I woke at 8am with contractions that quickly built in intensity, but the timing was out. We called the doctor and he said go to hospital....more

A great adventure!

Our family is preparing for a much anticipated trip to Disneyworld....more

Do you hear what I hear?

Tonight Jacob asked Brian, “How do you know if God speaks to you?”  Brian asked him, “Why?”  Jacob said, “Because I think He spoke to me.”  Brian asked Jacob what God said.  Jacob said, “God told me he has great plans for my life.”  I know my seven year old son heard from the heart of God.  Last night, Brian and I prayed that our kids would learn to hear the voice of God.  Brian and I shared such a sweet time rejoicing that God answers our prayers! This comes on the tail end of a conversation Brian and I had yesterday afternoon about a time of mini...more

what's next?

Today I found myself in need of something, a few different things throughout the day really....more

The Best Laid Plans

We all have visions of what our children will be like. I've always been a staunch believer in nurture over nature, and I've had visions of weekend soccer games and ponytails, of my sporty, tomboy daughter laughing together with her group of sporty, tomboy friends for well, for as long as I've been envisioning having a daughter. I cringed at the cheerleaders and dance team girls in high school. I felt appalled at the flighty college sorority girls, at girls who couldn't be seen without makeup and hair just so....more

We, too, tried not to over pink our daughter. we asked for clothes that weren't "too girly", ...more

No New Year’s Intentions: Why 2011 did not start for me until Wednesday Jan 5th

Did you try to make great plans for 2011 during those first few days of the year?  Did they fall flat?  Did you just want to crawl away from the list once it was made?  You were in touch with natural rhythms and can now use them to your advantage for the year.As a Vedic astrologer, I live my life by the cycles and rhythms of the Moon, seasons and personal circadian rhythms for the least amount of effort with the greatest effect.  It just so happens that this year, New Year’s occurred just before a Solar Eclipse on January 4th, 2011.Between New Yea...more

What I want to do this year: Book Edition

I’m not totally into making goals or new years resolutions....more