She Thought Perhaps Azalea

 My troubles are so damn smallin comparison to cities burning;they are not the world's troubleslike the anger, anguishand outrage burstingfrom the inside outof our cities and our towns,our neighborhoods broken,our people destroyed. And as much as I wantto claim them as mineto feel a solidarity,I know I am a pale outsider....more

Dancing in the Rain [Poem with Painting]

After my blog post last night, I was still thinking about the painting and was moved to write a poem. Again, I’m not a great poet by any stretch of the imagination but I have fun with it and write what I feel. I hope you appreciate it....more

The Understanding Tree

Standing under The Understanding TreeRain clouds thunder Threatening over meFor more, see here....more

Make or Break: An Appreciation of Philip Levine

Philip Levine, Pulitzer Prize winner and former US Poet Laureate, passed away on Saturday at the age of 87."It had started before I went to college. I think I was about fourteen when I fell in love with—I didn’t call it poetry, it was just composing," said Levine....more

Lazy Hippie Mama: In Haiku (Nablopomo Day 13)

*This post is Day Thirteen of the January Nablopomo 30-day blogging challenge hosted by BlogHer.Sweet Hippie Daughter saw this on the "One Hundred Dollars a Month" Facebook page and has found it endlessly amusing for the past week or so....more

The Paradox of Nomadism

It is raining again. Fat heavy drops weighing on The Gardener’s sad flowers, gerbera, I think— and I am here looking for the home that I used to find in writing. Autumn is a good place to start.It is cold in the kitchen and the windows need a scrub. For three years I have lived here and I have never, not even once, cleaned these windows. They are dusty, and there is a big gap between pane and frame that none of us can close, and there are three small snails sucking themselves along the glass, two in the petrichor air and one in here, with me....more

My mom stopped by today...

My mom stopped in today.. but she wasn't really here.She left us New Year's Eve, 3 years ago this year.There are days it seems forever, since I have seen her face..then days like today happen and her presence fills this space....more


From my blog Take It Easy, posted Sunday 16 November...more

Solitary Light

Post for Wednesday, 11/12/2014, is up even though I missed midnight by a few minutes. Here's the link. This Caring Heart


Gently we wake ‘Neath this new feeling We look quietly upward Eyes on the ceiling Of blinking bright stars That streak ‘cross the sky Of planetary wonders Alive in our eyes And we know what it is To love one another Deeply and truly Madly, forever So gently we kiss Into this new night And stoke up the fires We’ve carried inside Hidden away From the eyes of this world Until we could share it This love that is yours And mine And ours- Divine Empowered....more