Poetry in Motion : Haunted

Those wordsthey keep playingover and overin my mind.I must have played that songa thousand times.Words so powerfulyet somehow...more

Preparing for Battle

Hey Readers! I'm sorry that I haven't posted a blog in a couple weeks. I haven't been able to recover the document with the missing portion of my book on it. So, while we all wait for me to get the missing section, I will entertain you, my faithful readers, with some poetry that I have written, am writing, as well as other books that I have been working on for several years. Here is a poem I wrote about a week or so ago. I hope you all enjoy my work! :) Preparing for Battle...more

The Dragon & the Dragonfly

 By Marisa Bernhard The opposite of me is you.You are a gentle giant.I am a creature, fragile at first glance.Look again and you will see my vitality.We balance each other’s spirit!I fly through time…You trample over the land.My song quick, I flutter, I take to the air,I soar, not much to say....more

ode to my children

just kidding i have no idea what an ode is... ...more

Photo Friday: Black and White

There were several pictures I could have used for today's Photo Friday "Black and White" prompt - after all, we are blessed with two gorgeous black and white cats (who happen to be VERY photogenic)! In the end, though, I decided to go a different route and share bit of whimsical poetry, created using a cat-themed (can't get away from the cats!) fridge magnet set we received from some dear friends when we visited Victoria over the holidays. ...more

Saying Good Bye to Maya Angelou

I want to pay tribute to my friend, Maya Angelou. She passed away today, and I want to say a few things about her....more
How lovely is this, thanks for the read. debra p.more

A Poem: Just look at her

Just look at her... she should be ashamed of herself! tsk, tsk absolutely disgusting, isn't it? Just look at her... rolls of fat around her middle details (but not bulk) camouflaged by baggy tops never belted or tucked Just look at her... so self-conscious, thinking everyone's staring at her whispering about her, judging her (well, aren't they?) Just look at her... hate the indulgent ugliness hate the hidden shame made manifest for everyone to see Just look at her... look, despise, berate ...more

Closeted Openings: Unlocking an Existence Beyond the Physical

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Almost 70 years 70 yearsSo worried about stock piling, and stories about weapons of mass destruction, a great deceptionLet’s celebrate, the only nation to have dropped in anger A glorious cloud in the sky, radiation sickness for years, hip hip hoorayBring out the banners, and have a parade 70 years, oh 70 years, it don’t fade away...more

Searching For Meaning in Life's Pandemonium

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comPoetry is a unique writing style where the author conveys complex ideas within few words. This is part of the reason I was drawn to poetry in my use. Even just half a sentence or a single word can cause a flood of imagery. Words like chaos, pandemonium, transcendence and exultation come to mind. A person may know their definition, but the imagery they see is unique. Poetry is a medium that plays with that imagery....more