YouI have known you all my life Though we have never metFrom my first fears as a young girlYou were my fierce protectorWhen I faced another lonely weekendWhile others kept each other warmYour words caressed my dreamsAnd softened the cutting cold...more

Free Spirit

 She wriggled her hands andwiggled her feet. She writhed her body and  fought her restraints. She loosened her maskand her chains. And she cried her heart out. ‘She’s a rebel. She’s insane.’ Think what you may.But, she is no more to be tamed....more

Master Gardener

Words have a way of filling us up when we need it the most. Sometimes they cannot leave our mouths but only come pouring out through our pens. Reading good poetry pierces the depths of my soul the same way a good gospel song sends chills down my spine in church on a Sunday morning. Beyonce's Lemonade has reignited my craving for good poetry. Poetry that speaks of Blackness, womanhood, love, life, heartache, and loss. Poetry that evokes tears, joy, fury, passion, and gives hope. I am grateful to personally know some really good poets. ...more

A very short poem on Earth Day 2016

Earth Day  - Grateful thanks for what the Earth is. We Live and Love and Laugh.Sink, Swim and Sail.Rock up, Reel and Revel.We Cry, Climb and Creep.Take tools and Reap.We Thrive and Thrust,We Come and GoAnd turn to Dust.We Take our RestLaying lightly on your Generous Breast.Thank you. ...more

Maybe It's Time to Steal from the Poets

I was seduced by poetry at a young age, and it became a true north star for me during my adolescence. I think I learned how to write from falling in love with poetry. I’m a full-time advertising copywriter for Resource Ammirati, an IBM company, and I've blogged and written for magazines for the last decade. But mostly I am a poet.It took me a long time to say that and not laugh. I'm not an academic poet. I'm more of the Bukowski of the minivan crowd. I'm the everywoman poet of Columbus, Ohio....more
Thanks! I enjoyed your attitude and your poems.more

The Artist's Soul

The Artist’s Soul Maria De La Cueva The artist’s soul remembersfrom whence it camelong after its ancestors are gone.This ancient soul now incarnateImpregnates and germinates within,totally unbeknownst to the artist.Hands upon earthclay transforms to womband brings the Ancient’s Spirit to life.Once again a long forgotten culture...more
I love this poem.  It is brilliant and resonates with deep truths!more


Moral compass lostAll around arrogance trapRein in attitude 18 NaBloPoMo...more

Of Monsters and Men

Friday, November 6What was your biggest fear as a child? Do you still have it today? If it went away, when did your feelings change? I was scared of all the BoogeymenThe creatures of the nightWho bumped and prodded in my roomThose webbed toes that caused me frightI got scared when doors would creak and squeakWhen no one was aroundMy night night light was not as strongWhen my teddy bear could not be found...more

The Cycle

Thursday, November 5What is the most important lesson you learned as a child, and who taught it to you?---------"Everyone will hurt you. But you being hurt does not justify hurting others in return."You do not have to tell meAbout the pain, the hurt, the liesI know all about these thingsI feel it too, I empathizeI know his hands reach outIn anger he marks your faceI know the pain, the bruisesThe marks that makeup can't erase...more


Daily Prompt Nov 4: Courtesy of The Daily Post - Singin' in the Rain: Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof... describe your perfect, rainy afternoon. Your arms are wrapped around meA feeling I can't explainOf being profoundly happyAnd yet stuck here as it rainsThe windows are all but foggyAs the droplets trickle passTHe clouds are dark and murkyAnd yet I pray it lasts...more