Indifference is Where I Live...

Indifference is Where I Live (poem) I don’t give a fuckI’m sorry I do notvulnerability is a liabilityof which I want no partemotions are mutedfeelings are stuntedno longer give a damnthat mood has been bluntedcut shortpower outagemy heart has blown a fusethe night scape is darkno longer available for abusethe tears have been checkedno more left to be shed...more

27 Ribbons In The Sky

Yesterday December 17, 2012 Everyone was urged to wear Green and White in memorial of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Sandy Hook Elementary school colors are green and white. I saw the post a day before on my facebook page and had every intention to find whatever clothes I could put together that were green and white, but with so many other priorities on my mind I got dressed... off to pay my car note  in a silver and blue striped tunic dress and some jeans. It didn't hit me until I was in the car that I was supposed to be wearing green and white....more

Planting Seeds of Hope: in Hums and Laughter and Poetry

Another night. Another gift. Dinner was amazing - homemade hot-dog buns, homemade mayonnaise, homemade relish, homemade potato chips. Big, honkin' Hot-dogs. Delicious....more

Winter Carol: A Poem

This is a poem I wrote for a friend who needed something to read at a community event coming up. I wanted it to be inclusive of everyone’s beliefs, and the fact that this season is about dark and light, and waiting for the spring.  This season of cold where flurries flyWe watch the snow fall, snow on snowThe streak of sun in rainbow skyWater running through ice below. The longest nights, the darkest daysThe way we wait with bated breath...more

Wine Should BE Calorie Free!!!

Just being a little silly...Wine should be calorie freethen I would be a smaller mebut unfortunately that is not the casewhich explains my expanding waist.This is something I think we'd all agreethat wine should be calorie free! Face gets puffy, rings don't fitbecause of what I medicate withIt's made of grapes, shouldn't be a problemAll my issues? Wine helps solve them.But bloated and bubbly is what I tend to bethat's why wine should be calorie free......more

Dodging Demons

Please get a glimpse of one of my new poems...I run awayhiding in bookschasing sentences that do not resemble mein an effort not to seethe chaos that is my lifeI look into the darknessfor a place to lay my headwhere I don’t have to face realityI disappear insteaddodging demons lurking behind unseen cornersdon’t want to deal with reality any longer...

What Emily Dickinson Ate: Coconut Cake

A while back, I blogged about poet Emily Dickinson’s lesser-known passion—cooking and baking. I was able to track down one of her actual recipes, a Coconut Cake—or, as Emily spelled it, Cocoanut Cake. December 10 is Emily’s birthday. What better way to celebrate this brilliant American poet than by baking her Coconut Cake recipe?...more
I think I'll bake up a batch for breakfast bread this week. Sounds wonderful!more


You have to get up early ... Read more ...more

NABLOPOMO HERE WE GO! The Flaneur Lives (and gets published)

It is that time again. November First-ish, and like every November I will try to join the marathon of Nablopomo, and maybe even Nanowrimo. I have failed so far in my previous attempts to post everyday, and while i know that the definition of madness is doing the same thing expecting different results, every November finds me with renewed hope. I have good news today....more

Say No More. . .

I don’t know which is more painful: platitudes or silence.  Platitudes are those things that are said to fill up space.  They are safe, risk nothing and have little to no impact.  A platitude is a trite, meaningless prosaic statement uttered or written with the delivery as if it is a sincere and unique thought.  The key is that a platitude is meaningless.  It risks nothing and promises even less.  Think Miss Manners with a lobotomy.  I find platitudes plentiful in the passive, the meek, and a “go to” arsenal for emotional cowardice.  Platitudes put an...more