Happy Easter!

... Gather gladness from the skies;Take a lesson from the ground;Flowers do ope their heavenward eyesAnd a Spring-time joy have found;Each throws Winter's robes away,Decks herself for Easter Day. Beauty now for ashes wear;Perfumes for the garb of woe,Chaplets for dishevelled hair,Dances for sad footsteps slow;Open wide your hearts that theyLet in joy this Easter Day. Seek God's house in happy throng;Crowded let His table be;Mingle praises, prayer, and song,...more
 @JourneyofLife I added the link in a comment on your amazing, growing, networking blog—that ...more

Taking a Cue From Fiction

Author, poet, freelancer “Write a scene with two people interacting without speaking” is the prompt I found on Poetic Asides this morning. Okay, that’s easy enough. After all, isn’t that what poets do best?...more

Mount Cemetery

  I knew you were back there,concealed somewhere on a private farm;I cruised the country road out front,guessing where you were, tryingto catch a glimpse of white s...more

Gathering in the Shadows

Author, poet, freelancerToday’s Claudsy’s Blog features my three poems created under the writing prompt of “Hiding Poem” from Poetic Asides’ April’s Poem-A-Day Challenge. That was a mouthful, wasn’t it?I found it odd that the prompt should reflect the basis of a course lesson that I did just yesterday. Serendipity must be working herself to the bone lately. For the past week it seems as if everything I encounter, related to writing, centers on some aspect of “hiding.”...more

Twenty-Mile House

Seining in the Past to Catch Poems

Author, poet, freelancerFor today's Poetic Asides prompt of "write a poem about something from before your time," I drew a poem from the ancient timeline. The verse talks of mythology, magical creatures, gods of Olympus and more.One of my current works in progress is a book of poetry entitled "Forest Primeval," which takes on the epic poem. The verse I posted today on Claudsy's Blog is part of that journey through the vague past which still influences our literature, beliefs, and cultures. ...more

In my dreams

In my dreams I am an eloquent wordsmith, effortlessly fashioning unformed thoughts into written wisdom In my dreams I am a talented artist, paint flowing elegantly from brush to canvas into swirls of beauty In my dreams I am an inspired designer, taking nothing and making a magnificent, breathtaking something And then I wake up, and daily struggle to create June 1, 2011 ...more

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Every summer for several years when I was little, my siblings and I, and mother would take a vacation to spend a week at my Greatgranny's in Jay, Oklahoma. The most wonderful time of my life. I digress though...  In the "town" of Jay there were a couple of junk stores, not antique, because back then there were not antique stores in the country, only junk stores. We loved to go in them and find treasures....more

Sestina: In the ICU

My father had just died. The nursereleased him from the wires that had trackedhis waning vital signs. We didn't cryat first; we hadn't as we watchedhis numbers dropping on the screen. Dad lookedserene, asleep, almost alive, although the stroke had left him half alive,immobile in bed for two months.  The nursesaid we could take our time....more

So Many Challenges, So Little Time

Author, poet, freelancerTaking up the gauntlet can get you hurt, at least as far as your current work is concerned. Knowing that and preparing for it doesn't change the impact any. I've seen in four days just what that impact can do for someone, like me, who just can't leave well enough alone.I have trouble passing up a challenge. Okay, so call it what it is--I can't stand being "dared" to do something. These constant challenges are just that--dares. ...more
Hi Claudsy: That was a tiring read indeed. Might I add a "mea culpa" as well as I have started ...more