Poetry Run Amok

Author, poet, freelancerWhen challenges gather at your door like so many children, with their hands outstretched for treats, daring you to refuse so that trickery can commence, a writer sometimes quails in her slippers. How many challenges are too many for a person to tackle? How many are too few? Does anyone keep track of how many someone does try to do in a given month? How many ways can you combine challenges to spread out some of the load?...more
I think I might have to drop to my knees and bow to you! That is a lot of challenges! Way to go! ...more

The Secret

The topic of the month at NaBloPoMo is Poem and the question of the day today is "What was the first poem you ever memorized?" This easy as I have written about it before. Somewhere in my piles of junk I even have the copy I memorized off of. I stressed and stressed over the thing but I did it. I'm not even sure what class or age I was but it had to be somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9. I loved the thing because it was about the Robin, one of my favorite birds. This is a really sweet childhood poem....more

NaBloPoMo Poetry Contest: Sestinas

In honour of NaBloPoMo's April theme -- POEM -- as well as National Poetry Month, we're going to look at four types of fixed form poems. Fixed form poetry is meant to free the mind by providing a structure much in the same way a house frees the person who lives inside to focus on things other than the elements outside. The first form we're going to look at is the collapsing sestina. ...more
 @twinmomma You are correct -- she played with the form and used two in the first line of the ...more

Last Night I Stood In The Rain

Last night I stood in the rain; Hard and wet and stinging my skin; Collecting at the tips of my lashes;Waiting to be rain again. This morning I rose to pools of shame,Windows reflecting years of my hurting.Collecting, running, drifting, lingering;Birds mocking, a cocophanous pang....more

Memory, Desire, and Stirring the Roots

 And here it is, April. Cruelest month, says Eliot,and he's probably right....more

Initiative and a Poet's Soul

Author, poet, freelancerPoetry is that red-headed step-child of literary writing that elicits a groan from some and sighs of forbidden pleasure from others. It leaps forward with intent, marches to its own drummer, and weasles its way into a child's heart with early read-aloud books that stimulate thought, perception, and wonder....more

April's Arrival - first NaBloPoMo poem

 April brings memories upon memories for me: Technicolor detail of the last week of one of my best friends’ life. Is it any wonder part of me wishes to sleep through it and wake up in May? Of course, I will be fine once this week is over, but that’s little consolation, as I have to get there first. April’s ArrivalFor some it arrives with hardly a whisperAnother month, the bringer of SpringFor me, it arrives well beforeAccompanied by a siren song...more

Handing Off the Torch

Author, poet, freelancerToday's post on Claudsy's Blog  transitions into April's Month of Poetry with a closing of March's challenge and a peek at upcoming attractions.Poems float through our lives as so much amorphous rhyme and meter, sticking in our heads for a lifetime or simply one Valentine's Day. Poets give voice to our feelings, our experiences, our moods better than we can, without our having to exert ourselves or expose our pain....more

52 Poems and Stories. I Didn't Know I Had These Poems.

I didn't know I had this poems....more
Judaye, you ARE amazing!  A wonderful poetic lift for a Saturday morning—thank you!more