Wednesday night, after karaoke

Listen. 1:00 amMain StreetDriving home from Wednesday night karaokeand everybody was ON tonight.Streets glassy with rain, shining wet,cleanStop lights, reflections stretch red … green … redThe RTA bus pulls up beside …A lone woman ridesfluorescent lights shiver inside....more Thank you, Robin. Some nights I get home and my muse just isn't ready to ...more

S.O.B. Jan Sokoloff HarnessI told himhe was agood for nothingson of a bitchand I meantevery word butevery word was a lie.His mother was reallya lovely personand he was very goodat some things.Very good,if you know what I mean.And you know what I meanbecause we’ve all been there.We’ve all been in lovewith a good for nothingson of a bitchand the horsethat he rode in on.©Jan Sokoloff Harness 2012  ...more

The Love of My Life

In my past blogs, I have written about the trials and tribulations of being a single mother.  Today I want to write about the other feelings behind being a single mother, the joy!  ...more

Why I Blog: Freeing My Mind and My Soul

People have asked me why I blog.  Is it a cry for help?  Is it documented pain?  Yes, and so much more.  We live in a technologically driven world and I can’t think of a better way to get the word out BEING A SINGLE MOTHER, RAISING A BOY, IS NOT EASY, BUT IT’S VERY POSSIBLE!...more
Not corny at all! We all need guidance in our parenting sometimes. You can never be to sure if ...more


Ripples break the mirrored surface distorting reflections of moss covered trees.Cicadas softly call from hidden spaces as twilight fades into the dark of nightA piers' aged, creaking boards stretch outward accessing the deep ecosystem; inviting curious visitors.Cypress trees rise with bony algae covered features from the depths; their knobby roots jutting along the waters edge.Shrill chirps ring as tiny green frogs emerge to sing a nightly chorus echoing through the bayou....more

Varieties of Rapture

By Lynnel Jones, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine. ...more

On Christmas the Grinch Stole and Ate My Green Eggs and Ham

“Happy Festivus,” Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah BlogHer! On this very Christmas Morn,The Grinch stole and ate my Green Eggs and Ham,And I would not do such a thing as to tell a lie.No I would not, not to Fat-I-Am!But its official, that…Too much butter and too much lard, makes my waistline very large.Too much eggnog plus the rum, sends me running to the phone.Call the doctor! Call the morgue! Its official, I’m a hog!So do I really like green eggs and ham?I do! I do! Says Fat-I-Am!...more
Ha, ha, ha...! I really like my "Fat-I-Am," very creative, I thought. And I, too, desperately ...more

Consider Young Thaddeus Baker...Limerick In Need of Completion!

Dear NaBloPoMo And BlogHer At-Large Community Help me! Puh-puh-puh-pleeeeze!I've written a limerick and I can't finish it!Here's the short, silly poem in need of a wonderful finish.Can you help me put a bow on it?? Thanks!, RDK Consider Young Thaddeus BakerConsider young Thaddeus BakerHis forefinger jammed up his noseHe twirls it aroundAnd pulls forth a moundThen wipes it on mum’s pantyhose Consider young Thaddeus Baker...more
@@BehavioralChild ooh. I think you're onto something here! I can work with this...I think. Thanks!more

Not to be feared

 A foggy haze covers the surrounding land   A dampness clings to the air   Bare feet sinking into the sand   Waves crashing as I stare...more
@isthisthemiddle Thank you so much! It's an honor to be compared to her.more