Remembering a Mom

My sister-in-law died two years ago today.  I honor her memory by posting the poem I wrote for her children: A Mother’s Love… A mother’s love will never die,Her job is never through.A mother never shuts Both eyes,She’s always seeing you. On earth perfection that she sought;Seemed never to achieve....more

"My Right Eye" Series Interlude: One More Poem

Here is another brief interlude in the "My Right Eye" series—a poem that I wrote when I was an English and Creative Writing student at Oberlin College. This was published in 1990 in The Plum Creek Review, the student literary journal....more

Whether or not ekphrastic poetry suits me?

Recently I came across a Natasha Tretheway interview where the interviewer asked Natasha what she saw " the dangers and benefits of writing ekphrastically..." in her work. She noted that it gives her something concrete to start with — "but care" she said "must be exercised not to misread the image."That means, I expect, to see all images within their historical context. ...more

Wording and Approach

A writer's abilities are only as good as her use of sentences. Whether they're short or long, weak or strong, nearly naked or full-bodied, sentences decide the reader's enjoyment of whatever is written.Copywriters and poets know that emotion swings a mean bat when it comes to a reader's enjoyment or agreement with what they read. Ask any good marketer how important emotions are to luring in potential buyers for whatever product is on the auction block....more


Imagine the perfect evening, my love: a heavy fog covers the entire city. You cannot see clearly more than two meters ahead of you. It is dark and the fog makes everything a little more breathe, and the air is moist, heavy with water from the sea, the Black Sea. You can hear everyone walking the streets of the city that night, their steps build up the silence. And I walk, and the silence walks behind me and it is so dark, the figures so unclear that I cannot be sure whether I am walking alone or surrounded by people....more

Irish Valentines


Your Words

I read your words,     delicately laced with warmth and beauty...     smart and innovative, building success upon success...     quirky and bizarre, so funny they make me giggle-snort...     wise and comforting as a loving older sister I read your words,     painting pictures real enough to be touched...     nurturing empowerment and possibility...     summoning emotions surprising in their strength I read your words,     thoughts, heart, and life generously shared... ...more


 On a sandy shoreline I sit, staring out at the vastness while pondering life. Warm granules fill the spaces between my toes as I wiggle them. "So comforting" I think to myself as a smile plays upon my lips. Seductively whispering messages of love and promises, a gentle wind blows about my face. Unruly strands of red flutter, tickling my cheeks. "So comforting."...more

Poems For Black History Month!

Nobody Knows The South  like I know the south the wet and grimy Soul of the Mississippi South…   Nobody knows The South like I know the south honeysuckle smells in fresh country air…   ...more