Varieties of Rapture

By Lynnel Jones, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine. ...more

On Christmas the Grinch Stole and Ate My Green Eggs and Ham

“Happy Festivus,” Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah BlogHer! On this very Christmas Morn,The Grinch stole and ate my Green Eggs and Ham,And I would not do such a thing as to tell a lie.No I would not, not to Fat-I-Am!But its official, that…Too much butter and too much lard, makes my waistline very large.Too much eggnog plus the rum, sends me running to the phone.Call the doctor! Call the morgue! Its official, I’m a hog!So do I really like green eggs and ham?I do! I do! Says Fat-I-Am!...more
Ha, ha, ha...! I really like my "Fat-I-Am," very creative, I thought. And I, too, desperately ...more

Consider Young Thaddeus Baker...Limerick In Need of Completion!

Dear NaBloPoMo And BlogHer At-Large Community Help me! Puh-puh-puh-pleeeeze!I've written a limerick and I can't finish it!Here's the short, silly poem in need of a wonderful finish.Can you help me put a bow on it?? Thanks!, RDK Consider Young Thaddeus BakerConsider young Thaddeus BakerHis forefinger jammed up his noseHe twirls it aroundAnd pulls forth a moundThen wipes it on mum’s pantyhose Consider young Thaddeus Baker...more
@@BehavioralChild ooh. I think you're onto something here! I can work with this...I think. Thanks!more

Not to be feared

 A foggy haze covers the surrounding land   A dampness clings to the air   Bare feet sinking into the sand   Waves crashing as I stare...more
@isthisthemiddle Thank you so much! It's an honor to be compared to her.more

Barracuda on the Beach, a story and writing prompt

It may have been 20 years late and on the other side of the world, but I walked down a beach and finally found what I’d been looking for.I used to have a problem, especially with traveling. I would let my expectations soar incredibly high and then be crestfallen when the details didn’t turn out exactly as planned....more

Purrs Like A Bat

Renee Robinson She weaves a web of deceitShe is dangerous and discreetPlanting seeds to poison your mindSwooping down to toy with her preyCharming while stealing you away...more

A New Dawn

Renee RobinsonA New Dawn The sun stopped shining one fateful day When all hope seemed to be swept away Like a flash of lightening the news came Thundering down, my life forever changed Forced to walk down a long dark path ...more

Counting Down Advent…17 Days Left: My Christmas Ode to Food!

With Christmas Day drawing nigh, I feel moved to share my “Heart’s Poetry,” poems and haikus inspired by my great love of food. These are poems I have used in my posted articles on This has now become my “style” in which I express my great love of cooking!For Love of Garlic“I dream of garlic day and night, I drool for garlic near to die, Would I to find a living, breathing Garlic Rose, In a heartbeat I’d up and marry,...more
Hello, Jane, always such a pleasure when you drop by! :) @Jane Collins I must agree with you, ...more

It Snowed Last Night

It snowed last night and there's more here:

I Fill I

Yea! I managed to get a blog post published every day for November completing the NaBloPoMo goal. Actually I did an eXtra nine. So here is my last post of the month, which I wrote earlier in the day, but got delayed publishing it until just a couple minutes before midnight, AND I came very close to getting stuck at a railroad crossing with an eXtremely long train on a long trip home from Dallas. So, from on the road, a poem piece: Oh, I have been to Jason's deli And put some soup deep down in my empty belly, Just what flavors did then I fill I? ...more