Searching For Meaning in Life's Pandemonium

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comPoetry is a unique writing style where the author conveys complex ideas within few words. This is part of the reason I was drawn to poetry in my use. Even just half a sentence or a single word can cause a flood of imagery. Words like chaos, pandemonium, transcendence and exultation come to mind. A person may know their definition, but the imagery they see is unique. Poetry is a medium that plays with that imagery....more

Freed: The Story of a Teenage Low-Life

Originally posted on Feelings of inadequacy are not new to me. For reasons unknown, I’ve dealt with that feeling for most of my life. I’ve grown used to the fight, giving the world my all even when I feel rejection.I’m sharing one of my favorite poems, today. I don’t know that it’s any better than the rest, but it carries more emotion for me. This poem depicts my fight for acceptance and self-definition....more

Generation Frustrations: Understanding the Generational Divide

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comWhen I was in high school, I had a lot of pride for my poems. While I was afraid to share any of them until the end of my grade school education, I still had a lot of pride in them. It’s funny looking back and seeing just how young I sound....more

An Ode To Mom (Love Your Baby)

 (By Eve @

As I Nurse You To Sleep, My Son

I love that you understandwhat it means as I lay down beside youand fiddle with my shirtand brush your cheek with a bit of my skinAnd you open your mouthand you pant like a little birdwhose Mommy has just returned witha juicy morsel.You wiggle and wriggle and scootyour whole bodyyour feet kickyour head moves back and forthlike a sonar pinging...more
Wow!  Powerfully and beautifully written.  I, too, (mostly) love nursing Baby Boy.  He's so busy ...more

Angry at Nothing: The Anthem of Teenage Angst

Originally Posted on ChapterTK.comMost of my poetry up  to this point has questions my identity. Who am I? Who do I want to be? Why am I in pain and what do I need to relieve myself from suffering? Those poems were mostly from my late middle school years. The last couple, including the one below, come from my freshman year of high school....more


 I used to write poetry a long time ago, until I realized that it was a waste of time (for me). I now know I was never truly good at it. You can't really make money off it. It rarely changes people's lives. But, it was a good outlet to express myself and my adolescent angst....more

Behind Her Blue Eyes

Blue EyesI looked into her eyes as I walked off the plankA glimpse into the surrounding water as I searched and sankWhen will I ever reach the topAs I struggled towards uponly to relive the chance before the dropI would tell her to stop, I would tell her to stayIn promise that there will always be a brighter day...more


TributeHer tears trickle deepWithin her flooded soulWhile the drops change red as her only consoleShe presses her lashes against her pillow tightAnd dreams for hours her soorrow out of sightAs her eyes flutter she is not aloneOnly to wake and find herself in a new home...more

Little Bits of Me

 Sometimes I want to jump off couchesOr throw food at people who are not nice to meBut that’s crazyBut these are the little bits of me ...more