Dec 03 - Evanescence

Well, I blew it.  3 days into December's NaBloPoMo and I didn't post anything at all yesterday.  I have been battling a nasty head cold since Saturday night that is now attempting to lodge itself into my chest.  I have never had any kind of serious chest cold before, never developed bronchitis or pneumonia and I certainly do not plan on letting it turn into that now.  Unfortunately, the war is making me extremely tired, which caused me to sleep most of the day Monday and yesterday....more

Day 24: Three Ways of Searching on Kindle

Just when I thought I had nothing for NaBloPoMo Day 24, I get an email from my publisher letting me know that the Kindle version of Three Ways of Searching is ready....more

Nov 23 - Expectations

Image: nos1512.foroactivo.comWe are all but hearts, with sputtering, speaking emotions and irrational brains gover...more

Nov 20 - When We Whisper

When we whisper, tones soft, words lost It is not for lack, for doubts conceived Or conveyed in angst, a worthless needWe do not whisper for hollow vices, deplore Implore, perhaps, a torrent unbound Significant and vital, too complex for soundWhy not trumpet a rage, or weep blatant grief? Sing of a joy, raucous laughter so crass? Offend to defend, assault those who pass?...more

Dark Clouds

When dark clouds start to take overWe sometimes forget the sunWe tend to feel that we’ll neverBe happy with dark clouds aroundWe stay in our rooms and remain thereFor days and days end on endWe feel like our life’s headed nowhereWhere pain starts and madness beginsWe shut out the voices around usWho cares if they’re crying for you?Don’t them know that the sadness is creepingIf I let you in, what would you do?...more

Nov 15 - Cold Blooded Love

Ripples tremor, encasing flesh Under silver slide, razors curve I quake on scalpel’s edge Pierced so slowly, an adore Up cheek, down. I feel your breathTightly bound, cradled doll In arms, in lap, so close Cold you stare, delighted Excited, grinned in awe Beating hard, hearts My ears feel allI cannot breathe, clutching fist Thrust deep and fast armored caves, cracking marrow Draw blood, you fucking knife! I’m splintered and surreal Beckon blood and tears amiss...more

It's Dark In Here - Underground

This is my follow-up piece to Rachael’s short story It’s Dark In Here by John de GruytherIt’s under the ground“It’s alive, It’s alive”Thunder clapsAnd lightning boltsDr. Sam and the beagles who smokeIn her mad-eyed enthusiasmShe chews on gumInjecting needles into warm monkey fleshScrawny rats twitch and respond...more

View From My Porch

View From My PorchSix years on my porch I watched you hustle from your front door to your carand all I knew was your walk, the way your legs spread far apart, how yourleft shoulder seemed heavier than the right as if your heart outweighed your ribs;but never the cleft in your chin or how your eyes dethrone your facewhile you attend. You, with your wind-up cars, throwaways after too many runs, too manybroken beers or spines in your back seat. How many times have you been out...more

My meaning to my life

How many roads must I travel,Rivers must I cross,Times must I stumble and fall,Times must I frown. It’s the mythical adventure,The treacherous way across the land,The hard painful journey,The loneliest trip ever. The waves may pound upon me,The rocks may block my path,The rapids may take me off course,The water may swallow my inner being. The trip might seem never ending,The falls rough and painful,The mind tells me to give in,...more

Conversations with the Dream King

Daily Prompt: It Builds CharacterTell us about a favorite character from film, theater, or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?Photographers, artists, poets: show us a CHARACTER.————————–...more