Poetry Night

Mama I saw her standing alone, In the middle of the room,one baby at her leg, the other on her hip.One baby cries, loud, inconsolable sobs bursting from her tiny lips. Another small one joins her,with a higher pitch that finds the breaking point of glass, shattering the woman’s nerves.Three other children roam this house;A six year old chases the seven year old down the hall,yelling, “Give it back to me.”And the seven year old yells back, “NO!”...more

#NaBloPoMo Day 4: Facebook Status Poetry

Purple fingertipsScent of celery seedGiant bowl (the one w/ the lid)SlawAugust 19, 2013 at 08:03PM via FacebookBright, pregnant moonStorytellingSharing kitchen bountiesFireflies, crickets, & katydidsSacred CircleTemple NightAugust 20, 2013 at 10:32PM via FacebookTired; Sleep alludes me.Glow of the magic screenPulls me, holding me hostage — A digital siren song.August 28, 2013 at 01:44AM via Facebook...more

Early Bird

Up before the sunThe early bird gets the wormThat's if you like worms Tara R.Thin spiral notebook...more

There Must Be a Better Word for That

Today I spent the whole day dragged down and wrapped up in words like...more

I Published An eBook and I'm Not Sure How I Feel About It

Mostly it was curiosity.  I wanted to know if I could do it.   Turns out I can.  So I did.  Now I feel weird.It's really that easy? Amazon just opened it's big wide arms and tucked me up under it's smelly anybody-can-be-published armpit and plopped me on a shelf with a whole bunch of anybody-writers....more

My Work Day, in a Series of Haikus

 One.Too lazy to write.I thought, “why not try haikus?”I’m really clever....more

One Eye Open

I sleep with one eye shut 'cause Im a momI sleep with one eye open to see my beautiful babeMy one eye remains open to see his lovely eyelashesI sleep lightly cause he's lounging on my belly...more

Remember to Hit Publish Today

Where is your voice? Is it missing from the blogosphere? Are you having trouble accessing it? Are all your thoughts feeling dull and grey like cement, unable to flow anymore? Alphabet Salad asks this vital question that every writer should ask herself in a brief poem, imploring us to stop leaving drafts unpublished. ...more
Hitting "publish" is such a relief! It's been a rough year and I wrote about life, death, and a ...more


MrsTee  How do I write on a word I no longer know? I used to dwell in that place I lived there for so long it felt as if I would never exist outside it's walls But then love came and showed me that lonely wasn't my home or even a place I needed to visit No, I had a better place to call my own a shelter that could stand any storm life may bring ...more

Reaching Harris Road

A short explanation:  I wrote this poem for a darling friend of mine.  We used to work at the same horse farm right off of the magical passageway (to us, anyway) Harris Road, out of which came some of the best (and not so best) memories.  Some of it might make more sense to us because we know the whole story, but I hope you enjoy it just the same...  ...more