There Are No Sides

 One of my friends is in love with a police officer. She has been struggling with how to respond and process the events in Ferguson, but she is doing so from a slightly different angle than a lot of us....more

The Ferguson Shooting Has Me Scared for My Son

The Ferguson shooting and so many incidents like it scare me. ...more
I have several posts in relation to this as well: http://writingtheleftunsaid.blogspot.commore

Let's not keep score

Wow. So it's been a weird couple of days....more

Accountable Law Enforcement (The Albuquerque Effect)

Albuquerque is making headlines again.  NOt for the balloon fiesta, red and green chile or it's wonderful weather, but for yet another killing involving local law enforcement.  Since 2012, New Mexico's law enforcement has been under federal investigation for the seeingly senseless killings of several individuals and the blatent misuse of force and weapons.  Most recently, the killing of an unarmed man who had been trespassing and camping in the foothills of the Sandia mountains....more


Two years ago, I was lying in bed after yet another surgery, approaching my 10 year wedding anniversary, about to be laid off from my job of 15 years and very lonely. I was seriously questioning my lifestyle and my marriage. It’s not that I didn’t love my husband, I did and I do, very much. But suddenly, the kids seemed older, there was more to do and I noticed his absence more profoundly....more

The Consequences of Our Non-Actions

Y’all, the number of reported assaults by cops on black people for the heinous crime of BEING BLACK depresses the crap out of me. They handcuffed and choked a 14 year old black kid who was holding a puppy because he looked at them funny. They handcuffed and threatened a black firefighter for waving at them....more

Great a Party

 We are call ourselves “For Sistas”....more

Fight, Flight, and Chase

Everyone should be familiar with fight or flight. This is the mode your body goes into when you are in danger. You experience tunnel vision and your brain zeros in on safety. You won’t even realize you have pumped up adrenaline until you suffer the dump which happens after you’re finally out of danger; shaking, crying, and laughing are a few of the after effects....more
You do have an amazing job and it sounds like you are making peace with your age in it. I am 69 ...more

Life of a LEO Wife

I have been thinking about writing this post for quite a while now but I never felt like I would be able to fully express everything I feel, know, etc. on the subject. Instead of putting it off, I will just go ahead and try to share what's on my heart....more

The 2012 Garbage Can Attack

Summer is coming and school will be out soon. This means the teachers get a break and we (parents and police) work harder. Every year we have what’s known as the senior prank which happens in the weeks preceding graduation. Our police department waits with bated breath to see what this year’s class will come up with....more
I love it when kids have good fun and I stopped trying to figure their brains out a while ago LOLmore