How To Find The Cause Of Peanut Allergy In Babies

I'm a mom.  And I know my kid.   With so much information available, parents are left to wonder about the cause of a child's peanut allergy. Are they born with it? Does something in the environment cause it?   I have found a way for parents to be able to find an answer.   My discovery was a fluke!...more
I want to preface my comment by stating that I am a registered nurse. The first time an allergen ...more

Children, Vaccines & Polio Oubreak???

Vaccines, Kids and Polio Outbreak??? When I was first pregnant a few years ago, the debate started. To vaccinate or not....more

Because I Could Not Walk With My Feet, I Walked With My Hands

(Ed. Note: This essay is part of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project founded by novelist Masha Hamilton. Under the project, Afghan women write in secure online workshops taught by published American novelists, poets, memoirists, screenwriters and journalists. The strongest pieces are posted online on a blog. The AWWP is aimed at giving women a voice at a time when Afghanistan appears to be growing more conservative. The project encourages participants to claim their own stories and publishes them under their first names.) ...more

What a powerful testimony to the resilience of the human spirit. May she continue to grow in ...more