I Won't Sleep Outside For a Phone, But I Will Stand In Line To Vote

With less than a month until the election and only a few days until the voter registration deadline, convincing people to vote is every candidate's goal. ...more
Amen.  I have very little patience for women who do not exercise their right to vote.  It's so ...more

Romney Loves Big Bird -- While Vowing to Kill Him!

During the presidential debate tonight Mitt Romney proudly proclaimed, "I love Big Bird" while also complimenting PBS' contributions to our society -- including "The News Hour."But the other half of his sentence vowed to end government subsidies to public television.That means no more Big Bird. No more Sesame Street, no more Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, no more "News Hour"... the list goes on and on....more
Okay people...let me make this clear to you. PBS  as a whole received about 400 million in ...more

The future of politics

My oldest son is voting in his first Presidental election this year.  This got me thinking about how much his generation has seen during the last twenty years.  Most of them were in elementary school when September 11th occurred.  They've seen a depression recover, a housing and stock market crash, politicians both succeed in diplomatic relations and fall due to ethical standards.  They've seen the good, the bad, the neutral, and the life-changing.  With their votes making up a large population this year, I can't help but wonder how they will decide the nex...more

The Myth of the 39th Week Abortion

f you are a Canadian living in Canada (or even a Canadian living abroad, or maybe even a non-Canadian), you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Motion 312. I know I have!In case you’ve been living under a rock and/or you’re not up on Canadian politics, here’s a section of the motion that should give you a good idea of what it’s about:...more
joyell777 LakeMichJimbo WagaMuffin1 please give me the cite to this "right"more

Ode to a Hanging Chad

The presidential election of 2000 was particularly painful for me. ...more


Jesus said "When I am lifted up from earth, I will draw all men unto me...."  -John 12:32. If we wanna see a better America it needs to be filled with people who understand their divine purpose and value in the world. It's not about  Obama or Romney it's about God ultimately  and our voting should reflect which candidate most closely values and honors the standards of God....more

reasons I would make a terrible politician

1. I procrastinate.2. I generally dislike people.3. I have low tolerance for bullshit.4. I say things like bullshit.5. I don’t care who you love or if you have matching genitals.6. I really think people who have more should help people who have less.7. I like to stay at home too much.8. I can’t pretend to like you if I don’t.9. I am fashion challenged.10. I am not photogenic.11. I can’t keep secrets....more

Pics from the road

Electoral Map Coloring Pages


Reasons My Husband Will Not Run for Office

My husband read my musings on why normal people do not run for election.  Here are his reasons why he will not run for political office: 1) I do not want someone looking up my sphincter to see whether I took a shit last Tuesday.2) See #1. He's pretty funny.  See why I love him?...more