Pelosi and Sharpton - Being Equal-er

 It wasn’t that long ago…maybe eight week…when we learned that the Democrats were taking part in a workshop to practice making “race” an issue in this election. I guess it worked. ...more

The Natural Campaigner

  It doesn’t take much to amuse me. ...more

How Asian Voters Could Swing the Election

What is the fastest growing racial demographic -- particularly in key swing states, that is keenly watching hot-button issues such as the economy, immigration and healthcare policy, and could play a key role in determining the outcome of the 2012 presidential election? Asian Americans, of course. What were you thinking? Exactly. ...more
 @Elaine W. Thanks, Elaine! It's something that needs to be said. And we need to keep saying it...more

Who are YOUR heroes?

 I’m a great grandmother. To clarify, I’m a good grandmother, what I mean to say is that my lovely granddaughter has presented me with my first great-grandson. I guess this means I’m officially a grownup. I bring this up because I think that we women have an obligation to instill in their offspring a few basic values. One of the ones I feel most strongly about is the obligation to live within the law. ...more

The Main Event - Florida 2012

 Batten down the hatches, election fans. We’re going to have another fight in Florida. If you enjoyed the 2000 election in which the Presidency was decided on the weight of just a few hundred votes, you are sure to be tickled by what comes next in the Sunshine State. ...more

We Got Beat

Originally posted on  Earlier this week, Obama campaign email subscribers received the following message:For the first time in this campaign, we got beat in fundraising. The Romney campaign and the Republican Party raised more than $76 million last month, compared to our $60 million. We knew this moment would come when Romney secured the nomination. What happens next is up to you....more

All Eyes on Wisconsin

  In a world like mine where overspending the budget can have serious consequences, I have few political role models to help me.  Among them is beleaguered Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. ...more

Wisconsin Crystal Ball

  I suspect that I’m not the only woman who has trouble understanding the scope of governmental budget deficits. It isn’t that we can’t grasp the concept of having less money than necessary. We understand that all to well. We live with it every day. ...more

The Discomfort Zone

 It amazes me to know that many Americans are honestly AFRAID of the liberties we were promised by our Founding Fathers. I’ve watched with some interest as the Senator from Texas, Ron Paul, has campaigned for constitutionally limited government and, unfortunately, been labeled as a loony-toon for his firm conviction that we ought to actually live within our own laws and principles. Take the subject of drugs, for example. ...more