$8-A-Dozen Eggs? An Organic Quandary

$8 for a dozen eggs? When I saw Jane Black’s post in The Atlantic I could not believe that anyone would pay that price. As I mulled it over I realized that I wasn’t even sure why these eggs were superior to normal eggs. And after re-reading the article I’m not sure they are. Or at least, I’m not sure they’re any healthier than the best organic cage-free eggs from the grocery store (under $3 a dozen at my store). The difference is that these oval wonders hail from a small local farm that is not caught up in the industrial food mill. This means, for one thing, no government subsidies, making it hard for the small environmentally-aware farmers to compete with the big guys by offering comparable prices....more
There in lies the problem... people don't see how it affects them personally - so why change?  ...more

First amusement parks...then the world: the hijab mafia strikes again

Could a woman be strangled by her hijab, ala Isadora Duncan, who died in 1927 when the long fluttery scarf around her neck floated out of her convertible, tangled around a hubcap and snapped her neck?...more

So Much Pretty

I finished this book the day before yesterday.  There are always more books to read in my eReader or stacked up against the bookshelf.  I am a person who clusters books around like family.  There is always something opened and dog-eared on the bedside table, the sideboard, on the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms.  I have picked up other books since Monday.  But even the best of Elmore Leonard's riffs are no match for the...more

The Future is Here

“Imagine all the people…Living life in peace…Nothing to kill or die for…...more

Michael Moore Looks Back At Change In America

30 Years Ago Today: The Day the Middle Class Died ...a letter from Michael Moore Friday, August 5th, 2011 Friends, From time to time, someone under 30 will ask me, "When did this all begin, America's downward slide?" They say they've heard of a time when working people could raise a family and send the kids to college on just one parent's income (and that college in states like California and New York was almost free). That anyone who wanted a decent paying job could get one....more

Should We Be Concerned or Pissed Off?

Things seem to be a bit out of wack lately, don’t you think? I mean, there was the political ping-pong match with the whole debt thing between the right and left while we waited to see if someone would DO something. Then, there’s the stock market spiral into the toilet. And we sit here again, watching our 401K plans or IRAs dwindle down to $2.00. ...more

But Girls Can't Be President!

My husband, Tim, and I spent some time at his grandfather’s birthday party this weekend. It was really fun to see all of his extended family, especially his 8-year-old cousin, Katie. She is awesome, and if I ever have a daughter, I want her to be just like Katie. Totally strong-willed, outgoing, independent, hilarious, and can definitely hold her own. She has two older brothers, so she had to learn all this pretty quick but, from what I hear, she was pretty much just born this way....more

Victory Gardens: Now a Misdemeanor

When it comes to landscaping it may seem what's good enough for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should be good enough for the working class neighborhoods of America, but Oak Park, a Detroit-area community in Michigan, disagrees.Students from local schools help Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, and First Lady Michelle Obama, plant the 2011 White House Kitchen Garden. ...more

Preacher du jour - expired

A well-known, 'people's' preacher just died a few days ago. He was 60 years old, has (as customary with Islamic preachers who'd burst to stardom & get a ton of money in short time) several wives, and probably a dozen children - most are grown (don't do the math. I developed a nasty migraine when I tried)....more