All Eyes on Wisconsin

  In a world like mine where overspending the budget can have serious consequences, I have few political role models to help me.  Among them is beleaguered Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. ...more

Wisconsin Crystal Ball

  I suspect that I’m not the only woman who has trouble understanding the scope of governmental budget deficits. It isn’t that we can’t grasp the concept of having less money than necessary. We understand that all to well. We live with it every day. ...more

The Discomfort Zone

 It amazes me to know that many Americans are honestly AFRAID of the liberties we were promised by our Founding Fathers. I’ve watched with some interest as the Senator from Texas, Ron Paul, has campaigned for constitutionally limited government and, unfortunately, been labeled as a loony-toon for his firm conviction that we ought to actually live within our own laws and principles. Take the subject of drugs, for example. ...more

this is me, ladies and gentlemen

 Well, I was raised with certain beliefs that I once dared to completely rebel against only to eventually end up failing miserably [oh, those bittersweet teenage years...]. But don't worry: I am not going to discuss different political viewpoints on anything right now: I hardly ever miss an opportunity like this, though. But just for this once, I think I'll just pass. ...more

My Daughter and the Dick Cheney Challenge

Today, I'm regretting raising well informed clever children.As I was driving my daughters and my older daughter's boyfriend to the Avengers last night, I went on a political rant, which is typical for me.My family has been ignoring me for years. My daughter's boyfriend, comes from a prominent Republican family here in town. Quietly he asked, "how many books written by Republicans have you read?" I was impressed with this question for two reasons: he remembered that I read a lot and he had the guts to ask it. I want my children's special friends to be gutsy, but not too gutsy....more
 @@meganbroutian Thanks for stopping by and I love your comment! Do yourself a favor and keep ...more

Does Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Endorsement Open the Door for Romney?

Despite Fox News's hope, no.  Absolutely not....more

Can Evangelicals Support Mitt Romney -- And Feel Good About It?

[Editor's Note: Over the weekend, Mitt Romney spoke at the graduation ceremony of Liberty University, an evangelical university founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell. For the first time in this campaign season, Romney spoke about his Mormon faith -- acknowledging the differences and similarities between it and conservative Christianity....more
I was raised Mormon, but I am now just a regular old Christian, and I am finding it hard to see ...more

Why We Can't Really Compare Obama to Reagan

Originally posted on to look at the facts....more

President Obama and Same Sex Marriage.

Bravo, Mr. President.When I was little I remember going into stores with my mom. Wherever we went she had spirited conversations (always about food): discussing dim sum with the lady from China at the laundry, explaining how she made blintzes to the lady from Naples at the bakery. I remember her making coffee cakes and giving them to the cleaning lady who came once a month to clean our house, because even though we had five kids and little money, she had 11 kids and even less money....more

Politicians: It's About Fixing Education, Not Just Teacher Appreciation

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, the time of year when parents are baking cookies, writing cards, and filling gift baskets for those wonderful educators who spend nine months out of the year instructing, inspiring and disciplining our youngster. There’s a phrase I hear often from many a harried mom: It’s for the kids. The mantra is repeated as moms and dads organize school fundraisers, volunteer to grade spelling tests, buy reams of paper for cash-strapped schools....more
 @HomeRearedChef Thanks, Virginia. The state of education is overwhelming, and I think many ...more