Dear North Carolina Parents Who Wish To Ban Gay Marriage,

Tomorrow, May 8, voters in North Carolina will decide on Amendment 1:...more
 @elfladychronicles Thank you.  It really seems so simple doesn't it?  Check out more of my ...more

Speak Up As Though Your Future Depends On It

There are some times in our lives when we just need to speak up. No amount of rationalization (someone else will do it or one person won’t matter) will suffice. We feel compelled to say or to do something to make a difference. This is one of those times for our country. Americans are still suffering in so many ways—unemployment, foreclosures, inadequate healthcare, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan, to name a few. Now, more than ever, we need to tell our politicians what WE need and want. Quite frankly, they need our guidance....more
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United We Stand Against the War on Women

Last Saturday, in 54 cities around the United States, thousands of women, men and children gathered to say that the War on Women would not be won without a fight. Saturday was political, it was personal, and it was devoid of press. No mainstream media covered these events. At all. But we remain, tireless and filled with conviction. ...more
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You Don't Get The Government You Deserve

Please take the time to go through the statistics, the piece gets better soon after. Since 1960 the national voter turnout for the American federal elections has hovered around 50 %, 36.4 % in 1998 as the low and 63.1% in 1960 as the high. In 2008 it was a relatively healthy 56.8 %.I recall a political science class back in 1987 where my professor explained that only 10% of the population actually decides the outcome of most elections. At that time he used 60% as the benchmark but since then it is closer to 50 %. ...more

Schrödinger's... pregnancy?!

There are plenty of "dumb laws" - many of which are weirdly funny or, at worst, warrant an eyeroll or a shake of the head - and then there are laws so bizarre and over-the-top crazy they make one wonder if certain lawmakers have lost their ever-loving minds. Case in point: ...more
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The Problem With the Phrase "Social Darwinism"

Given the long history of racist stereotypes about poverty, and the fact that the public has a lot of misconceptions about evolution, the continued use -- and abuse -- of pseudoscience to promote inequality is a serious concern. Scientists may create words and phrases, but they don't have a monopoly on them; terms often take on different meanings through time, or when adopted by different groups of people. Just because "fitness" or "Social Darwinism" have a troubled past or variable meanings through time doesn’t mean we should avoid them. Rather, it means that we have to be explicit about our usage, and understand the context around such phrases. ...more

I Didn't Vote Today. Here's Why

I've been a Republican most of my life.  When I first signed up to vote, I believed what the Republican Party pushed:  give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for life.  Oh no, wait, that was Jesus.  Oh well, whoever it was.  I identified with the Republican Party....more
 @KarenLynnn Me too!!  She is amazing and I hope she gets her chance. more

Election Season Makes Me Feel Alone

 With the 2012 Election Season in full-swing, it came to my attention that I quite possibly am a closet anarchist.Here is this thing- I love people. Period.My personal goal in life is striving to understand why people believe what they do. In situations when I do this correctly, if there was any judgement to begin with, it will be gone when I reach my goal of understanding the person or people....more

The denial of citizenship, and the power of paranoia

In this country we live in, we sometimes forget that we are, by and large, a nation of immigrants.  Very few of us can claim "we were here first", and everyone else is a late-coming outsider.The vast majority of U.S. citizens can trace their family lines to another place and time.And yet, we forget this.We want to close borders and build walls and legislate who can and cannot enter.  There is a paranoia that comes from talk about immigration, as though it is now something to be threatened by....more