With the political scene heating up this spring, it seems to me the debate regarding "women's issues" is at the forefront of what feels like a political storm headed our way. As I watch words fired back and forth, policies on birth control and abortion being debated, I find myself increasingly concerned for the children I have CHOSEN to bring into this world....more

"It's the Economy,Stupid" has made me old, how did that happen?

My children are on their spring break.My daughter’s started earlier and she has been with me all week.  She has been blessed with gorgeous weather! We have been sunning and reading every afternoon.  She watches her basketball games and she has helped me with the dog! We have chatted about her roommates, her summer plans and her hopes for a summer job....more
 @Lucy's Reality I still believe that a way to a man's heart, or anyone else for that ...more


There is a disturbing trend in the current political discourse.  Rather than facts or platforms, name-calling seems to have become the top political sport. ...more
I agree with you, Robin.  If they stir up enough mud, I think they do believe we won't see the ...more

One Restful Day At A Time

Sorry I've been missing, but Sunday there was just nothing to say and yesterday the migraine monster popped up. I started seeing a white light-thingy-squiggly in my eye and knew that if I didn't get proactive and take something and close my eyes for a bit the migraine would soon follow. So far, I've been pretty successful in keeping them at bay with simple Advil and I was yesterday too.  This is day whatever of my not exercising, so far so good but looking forward to getting back to it next week Wade....more

This and That

Whether I watch the results of the election returns or not doesn't have any bearing on the results. What I learned during this primary election is that money counts because then you can buy a significant number of negative ads.I also learned to worry about the strident tones of some of the candidates especially when it comes to civil liberties. Do some of these candidates fear gay and lesbian individuals? Do those candidates ever read the statistics of suicide rates for gay and lesbian youth? ...more

I'd Like an Apology, Too.

Rush Limbaugh is in a world of hurt right now based on slanderous, base comments he made and then refused to apologize for until his radio talk show sponsors began to drop their support. And I'm glad.And I'm furious.I'm a Conservative Christian Woman, and I'm getting a bad rap all around. First of all, for anyone in government who really cares to listen, then listen to this:...more
Hi, Molly Jo - I'm on the other side of the fence from you, but thank you for speaking out ...more

Super Tuesday Food: Severely Delicious Flip Flop Flapjacks

At first I served these pancakes with maple syrup. But then somebody somewhere told me that this was offensive to the cheese. I therefore ignored my own opinion and omitted the syrup (yes, I’ve been taking lessons from our man Mitt!). Unlike our current congress however, I am capable of compromise: alongside the pancakes I now serve a spinach salad with strawberries, pecans and an amazing maple-dijon dressing (recipe below)....more

Politics and Facebook Don't Mix

Uncertainty about the economy and the future leaves most people feeling uneasy. Add in the complexities of managing family life and work, and it's easy to see why we so eagerly seek the diversions of relaxation and entertainment. The possibilities are plentiful, from long-anticipated vacations, watching a movie or sporting event to just stealing a few moments to check in on Facebook....more
This is sooooo  true.  Unfortunately politics and religion are the two items people get a little ...more

Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday here in Oklahoma. I really can't wait till this stupid election is over, mainly to have different news to watch. I'm already tired of the commercials and every single news program is nothing but election stuff. The main thing I'm ready to end are the phone calls. They come every single day, several times a day, Sunday's included. Yesterday, when I got home from a very long day at the office I checked our phone messages which usually area NONE. There were no less than six messages, one was a message we needed....more

What Are You Thinking About Politics as We Approach Super Tuesday?

The presidential primary season has been particularly contentious in 2012, with many issues that are polarizing for women. Birth control, separation of church and state and even (astonishingly) the relative merits of higher education have become hot topics of conversation among the GOP candidates, the current administration and women online. It's the latter that we want to understand, so we're going straight to the experts in our latest opinion poll. ...more
Partisanship is going to be the ruination of our country.  Shame on us for not putting America ...more