But Girls Can't Be President!

My husband, Tim, and I spent some time at his grandfather’s birthday party this weekend. It was really fun to see all of his extended family, especially his 8-year-old cousin, Katie. She is awesome, and if I ever have a daughter, I want her to be just like Katie. Totally strong-willed, outgoing, independent, hilarious, and can definitely hold her own. She has two older brothers, so she had to learn all this pretty quick but, from what I hear, she was pretty much just born this way....more

Victory Gardens: Now a Misdemeanor

When it comes to landscaping it may seem what's good enough for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should be good enough for the working class neighborhoods of America, but Oak Park, a Detroit-area community in Michigan, disagrees.Students from local schools help Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, and First Lady Michelle Obama, plant the 2011 White House Kitchen Garden. ...more

Preacher du jour - expired

A well-known, 'people's' preacher just died a few days ago. He was 60 years old, has (as customary with Islamic preachers who'd burst to stardom & get a ton of money in short time) several wives, and probably a dozen children - most are grown (don't do the math. I developed a nasty migraine when I tried)....more

Social Endometriosis

Original Post found at The Jamaica Inn...more

In Love and War the Personal is Political

SCRUBCO: The letter B for Beliefs (Fourth in the Series on Calculating your Chances for Love)...more

PotLuck Politics

[image via Column Five Media]...more

Boortz Calls for Violence on the Same Day Giffords Leaves Hospital and Arivaca Family Murder Trial Continues

I don't do a lot of cross-posting on my blogs, but today I have to.  I have tried to write an entry several times today.  Several situations are swirling around in my brain space,  and they all involve violence and public complicity in that violence. ...more

Weiner's weiner

I tweeted and facebook posted the following thought last night and I have to say, I woke up this morning feeling even more like it's true:There are way, way, way worse things politicians in Washington are doing right this minute than tweeting their dongs to people.And there are, right?...more

I like your point about men's reactions: my husband's reacting the exact same way. He's ...more