Boortz Calls for Violence on the Same Day Giffords Leaves Hospital and Arivaca Family Murder Trial Continues

I don't do a lot of cross-posting on my blogs, but today I have to.  I have tried to write an entry several times today.  Several situations are swirling around in my brain space,  and they all involve violence and public complicity in that violence. ...more

Weiner's weiner

I tweeted and facebook posted the following thought last night and I have to say, I woke up this morning feeling even more like it's true:There are way, way, way worse things politicians in Washington are doing right this minute than tweeting their dongs to people.And there are, right?...more

I like your point about men's reactions: my husband's reacting the exact same way. He's ...more

I Wish...and other thoughts on Weiner, politics and mess.

When did we become so interested in gossip as replacemnt for real news? When did we co-sign to be co-partners in other folks pain.  Sure we wrap up our unhealthy fascination into other people's lives under the guise of I have a right to know stance.  We treat politicians like we own them, when in fact we don't.  Your vote does not entitle you to anything other than supporting the energy and ideals of someone representing you in public office. Yes we want them to be honest and forthright.  Yet we get it twisted, we want them to be our better selves....more

Thank you! I'm tired of this mentality too. It reflects badly on our country that we are ...more

Sorting Through Dirty Laundry Not Ours; What Weiner's Woes Say About Us

This week, in a 30 minute press conference that felt like 30 tortuous hours, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner confessed that the infamous "crotch shot" was indeed his. This after originally lying and suggesting that his email account had been hacked. The Congressman admitted that he had had flirtatious Internet relationships with about six women in which he sent sexually explicit pictures and text messages. Mr....more

and certainly hope that impression was conveyed. This sort of behavior always has difficult and ...more

Gay Girl in Damascus Blogger Reportedly Seized in Syria

Editor's note: Scroll down for more updates to this breaking story. I received some very troubling news today when I read that Amina Abdallah Arraf al Omari, who blogs at A Gay Girl in Damascus as Amina Abdallah, has been detained in Syria, according to her family. We featured her very brave blog in late April, and I feel she is part of the BlogHer family....more

and quite frankly, I wouldn't mind throwing a pie in his face.


2012 Election: May Depend on New Voters

In 2007, the Obama campaign knew they couldn’t win with existing voters. The momentum for the Democratic nomination was with Hillary Clinton. In order to win, his campaign had to generate new voters....more

Who is Setting Policy on Abortion? This Guy?

Do you ever think "Boy, I wish you could be kicked out of office for being stupid!"  I mean, I know they are elected officials and the majority of people who voted the last go around voted this person into office - but either the majority of people are stupid or this fellow really pulled the wool over a lot of people's eyes.  ...more

New Work Network

I have been at my "new" job for six weeks and having reached this mini-milestone, would like to share some thoughts on settling in, building a fresh network and blooming when "transplanted". I've been reading a lot on career matrix as opposed to career ladder, and while I agree with the approach totally - having been a practitioner - for it to work, you really do need solid networking and people skills. But I truly loathe the term "networking" - frankly, a lot of it is just being nice and being yourself....more

Hillary's Disappearing Act: It's Not Magic!

When is Hillary Clinton invisible? Never.  Ms Clinton, not being the wallflower type, is a woman who likely demands her rights rather than asking for them.  She is the kind of woman who gets served first in coffee shops, even at eight on a weekday or who can get a cab just by staring hard at the next yellow light heading down the street. It’s hard to imagine her being overlooked. That is unless you happen to be Der Tzitzung...Continue...more