Women in Charge, Seeing is Believing

“Stop telling girls that they can be anything they want when they grow up. I think it’s a mistake. Not because they can’t, but because it would have never occurred to them they couldn’t.” - Sarah SilvermanWe’re living in interesting times, to say the least. On one hand you wouldn’t be blamed for screaming in a panicked manner about the madness everywhere. On the other, if you’re like me, you’re quietly excited about the genders of our leading politicians. ...more

A Brexit, You Say? Fat Chance!

I don’t usually make political predictions because I’m generally wrong (and who likes to be wrong?).  Today, however, I will go out on a limb and predict that Clinton will win the U.S. presidential election and that Britain will elect to remain in the European Union.  I am willing to take the chance of making such predictions not only because I believe them to be true, but also because, this time, I will raise a cheer if I’m wrong on either count....more

Is It Time to Talk About Guns Yet?

We're not going to solve the big gun problem in this country.  But as parents, we do have the ability to address preventable tragedies in our homes and in the homes of our children's friends.  It's as simple as having a conversation....more

A Free Speech Victory for All

Sometimes what’s good for one is good for all. That’s the result of a successful lawsuit filed by Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF)—a nonprofit organization that’s connected to Charles and David Koch—against California Attorney General Kamala Harris. While the immediate effect was to protect AFPF from having to hand over its list of supporters to the government, it’s more broadly a victory for all who believe in the First Amendment’s right to free speech, including for organizations with dissenting views....more

Rachel Maddow Is My Imaginary Friend. So What?

Raise your hand if you need someone to help you work through real life issues and provide comfort in our rapidly growing (and sometimes scary) world. Oh, all of us? You’re goddamn right we do!As I child, I never had an imaginary friend — which is weird, considering I was exactly the type of kid who you’d expect to have one. Fond of complex imaginary games and daydreaming, I was the kid you could count on to wander away from the class and get lost on a field trip to the museum....more

Merkley deserts Hillary, endorses Bernie

 http://dailytwocents.com/merkeley-deserts-hillary-endorses-bernie/Jeff Merkley my Oregon Congressman deserts Hillary Clinton and endorses Bernie....more

Why I’m Keeping My Kids Out of My Politics

“Did they just say Donald Trump?” My four-year-old asked as the radio played in the background.  “I hate that guy!” Kat Rutkin and her son I stifled a burst of laughter. “He gets it!”  I gleefully thought. I was probably grinning a little. But at the same time, my stomach sank. “I’ve got a budding little pundit on my hands,” I thought. “So wait a minute. Why am I sad?” ...more
My teens are fascinated with this electoral race between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. My house is ...more

Which Candidates Give a Damn About Autism and Disability Issues?

The current slate of POTUS contenders makes me uneasy, especially when it comes to what so many of them have to say about autism and disability issues. Most of the candidates really don't get what our autistic children, friends, and family members need our political leaders to do for them: Treat them like deserving human beings. ...more
A great post. Struggling with disability, I found this concise view of the candidates platforms ...more