Election Day Fashion

Cross Posted: http://herlongwayhome.wordpress.com/2010/11/02/election-day/ It’s the most wonderful time of the year: election day! It’s that one day a year that we each have the opportunity to tell our elected officials exactly what we think. It’s that one day we each have the opportunity to voice our opinion. It’s that one day that we each have the opportunity to change the course of our communities and our country....more

I'm kind of over Jon Stewart

That's right, I said it. I'm kind of over The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I watched a lot during the Bush administration, not every night, but often. Then Colbert came around, and I just found him funnier. By the time the 10 o'clock hour comes around, I'm more interested in laughing, not serious politics, which is where Jon Stewart has gone. Don't get me wrong, I entertained the idea of heading to DC for his rally. And sure, he has his jokes, but his whiny voice just feels like nails in my brain. He takes himself very, very seriously....more

Why I Won’t Vote This Year

Why I Won’t Vote This Year- 11-1-2010 I bet the title has you on edge already. But, yes, I am not voting this year. My choice. Say what you will, I have my reasons. Reason one: I am a working mother with limited time. I don’t (like I imagine most working mothers) have time to research sixty different government offices, local and national, all of which have two or three candidates each....more

2010 Election: House Race Results We're Watching

UPDATES AT BOTTOM OF POST, NEWEST AT THE TOPStephene Moore (D) vs. Kevin Yoder (R) - Kansas' 3rd District [UPDATE: Called for Yoder last night]This race was previously noted on BlogHer:...more

Go Vote: Election Issues that Could Impact Your Family

My Short Political Career The life of a politician is no life fo...more

This election cycle? I am not a fan.

I am reposting an entry that was added to my blog earlier today - mainly because I'm just that worked up about the subject matter.Let’s take gender politics out of this for a minute.This election cycle has been shamefully petty and counterproductive – in a time when we can LEAST afford for it to be so. I DON’T CARE how awful your opponent is. Frankly, I think 95% of you who got the nomination for your party are awful. If you’re running for office in this climate, odds are that you’re either an attention whore or a masochist or both. I don’t really want an attention whore masochist governing me, but my choices are limited....more

Getting Beyond Motherhood as Political Qualification

Democrat Jari Askins  and Republican Mary Fallin are running to become Oklahoma’s first female governor. Askins has been a judge, a legislator, head of a state agency and a corporate attorney, and now is the state’s lieutenant governor....more

I think it covers pretty much everything that makes it difficult for women to become ...more

Wall of Shame: Female Blogger Arrested for Doing What We Do

A popular Vietnamese blogger, Le Nguyen Huong Tra, was arrested this past weekend. Her crime? "Allegedly defaming a senior Communist Party official and his family." Her blog, Co Gai Do Long, is one of the most popular ones in Vietnam, and she regularly addresses political issues with humor. Apparently deputy public security minister Nguyen Khanh Toan has no sense of humor. ...more

In my local paper there is an area after most articles to leave comments. Reading these ...more

Week of VOTE doodles: Day 2

"A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation."~ James Freeman Clarke Check out more of my doodles at Momathon doodles. Illustration: Chris Olson © 2010....more

Meghan and Cindy McCain on Hate Campaigns, Sexism in Politics, and the Tea Party

At the California Women’s Conference last night, Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan and wife Cindy held a freewheeling conversation about the current state of politics in this country, and the need to get more women involved, especially younger women. ...more

Claiming that motherhood gives superior insight to the things that are currently dominated by ...more