Super Tuesday, Hillary and Autism

Happy or Unhappy Super Tuesday, as the case may be. Many of us are, understandably, too busy to pay attention to the political arena, so I will make this short and sweet (or not so sweet if you disagree)....more

Voting Rights

Here is a simple history of our voting rights. If you are not registered to vote do it today.

Government and Its People- Why the Church should Participate in Government

Here is the press release for my brand new book.Mary  ...more
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I have a theory

Karen Shiebler Here’s my highly informed, incredibly insightful theory about what is motivating the irascible bloviator who leads the polls for the Republican party.  You ready?The Donald has NO desire to become President of the United States.  None. I’m not kidding.Have you seen the President’s salary? A measly $400,000 a year.  Donald probably spends more than that on hair care products!...more

Gloria Steinem's 'My Life on the Road' Taught Me I Have So Much Yet to Learn

Anytime I sit down with a book written by Gloria Steinem, I actually pause and reflect before opening the cover. After all, it was her Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem that rocked my world when I first read it over twenty years ago. Her explanation of core self-esteem versus situational self-esteem forever changed the way I viewed myself, and set me on a healing journey that was long overdue....more
Joan, That is one of the things that struck me the most. She makes connections that I never ...more

I'm an African American Woman, But I'm Also Muslim

To look at me you see a black woman. I’m not wearing any coverings, no hijab. My name although ethnically Arabic may or may not reflect my religious beliefs so most people do not know my religion until I tell them. I don’t pray five times a day but I do pray and during communal prayer services I am often brought to tears. Image Credit: Maks Karochkin, via Flickr...more
Ask Deedra Thank you for taking the time to read it. My mom wears full hijab and I am concerned ...more

If Trump wins the nomination, were in big trouble

From one of Trump's fellow debater Kasich, who takes it to the extreme, saying what could happen if Trump wins the nomination. Be scared, be careful what you wished for. From his rants about Hispanic's being rapists, to treating women poorly,,calling them slobs, to trying to build a wall to keep people out. Sounds elitist to me.

Top Five Anti Poverty Activists

Horrifyingly, poverty is still a major issue, even in seemingly developed, rich countries such as the United Kingdom. I have recently been greatly inspired by campaigners pitching tents in St Ann’s Square, Manchester to raise crucial awareness about homelessness. Homeless, and other poverty related issues, is something that many of us don’t like to think about. When we do imagine dire poverty, many of us think of third world countries rather than the familiar places minutes from our own cosy front door step....more

Pardon My French, But J'ai Peur

It is Tuesday night. Dinner is over, the kitchen is cleaned up, lunches are made. At this point in the evening, on most Tuesday nights, I read my blog to my semi-interested husband and very uninterested daughter. I like to hear the words as I speak them aloud because the oral rendition shines a light on improper grammar or poor word choices. I then tweak what I have written and wait for inspiration to hit me on Wednesday when I tweak some more before posting on Thursday. That’s my routine, but it’s Tuesday night and I have no blog. I guess I’m in the fog about what to blog. (See?...more

Can My Friendships Survive the Presidential Election?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, The presidential election is a year away and some of my friends are already driving me crazy with their political posts on Facebook. I don't want to block them but I don't always share the same political views and it's making me nuts. Ideas? Signed, I'm Left, They're Right Image: Gify. Dear I'm Left, They're Right, ...more
I say what my dad says, 'Voting is like sex. Everyone should do it, but keep the details to ...more