How to Be a Better Global Citizen

When I hear the term “global citizen,” I think of someone whose sense of belonging extends beyond the borders of one nation state. I think of wanderlust and cosmopolitanism. I think of travel blogs and mixed-cuisine restaurants. I think of growing international migration and the fact that today, over 46 million people living in the U.S. were born in other countries....more

Bye Bye Biden

If there was ever a time everyone could forget about all of the misspoken, nettling words, it was now.If there was ever a time everyone would have forgotten about and forgiven Vice President Joe Biden for all of mercilessness truth and unapologetic candor, it was now....more

Do Your Research!

It's interesting to know and see that we are now clearly living within the time of the informational age. Where we can actually find and look up anything by simply inputting it within search engines but yet some people just in general whether not even bother to do the research on things that actually matter. For example, we all know that on social media things spread like wildfire especially if it captures the minds of society....more

Let's Start Putting Right Wing Extremists Into Rehabilitation Camps

 Don't you hate it when the main story is the main story  for much longer than it needs to be?...more

No, I'm sorry, your intolerance isn't "different"

This has been a weird few weeks for me....more

Who Is Electing ?

This morning's work brought a really interesting conversation with a much younger colleague about the qualities and benefits of good management and leadership. The woman I was chatting with is someone I have quickly come to respect and whose personality I enjoy. She is very self-aware and has already drawn some wise boundaries for herself. One of the things that came up in our discussion is that she is concerned she doesn't know as much about politics as she would like to and wishes it were taught in some form right from grade school....more

What You Need to Know About This Week's 'Hunger Games' GOP Debate

In a GOP primary that is being compared to the Hunger Games and Thunderdome, 17 candidates will have their first contest Thursday night in a ser...more


It has been 150 years since Abraham Lincoln's death.  We remember him, honor him, and still learn from his character and leadership.  In school students "respond to the president being the 'quintessential American self-made man' and for his 'work holding the country accountable' to its stated ideals."   (L.A. Daily News) In honor of him today, I reviewed some of his writings.  They never cease to inspire.  One such Lincolnisms, as I've titled them, is below....more

Things That Made Me Go "Hmm..." - Week 19

(Insert hilarious, insightful and pithy introduction here.)...more

Tech Tips for Potential Presidential Candidates

Yesterday I heard something truly disturbing. It seems that Hillary Rodham Clinton, a potential candidate for President of the United States, is unaware that two or more email accounts can peacefully co-exist on one handheld device....more