Sen. Barbara Mikulski Passes the Torch

Senator Barbara Mikulski announced she will be retiring in 2016.  She will retire as the longest serving woman in Congress (30 years), a title she has held since 2012. ...more

GOP Pushes Anti-Abortion Vote on Roe vs. Wade's 42nd Anniversary

[UPDATE 1/22/15 10:50 a.m. PST: The House approved a bill permanently barring federal funds from abortion coverage and blocks tax credits for health insurance covering abortions. --Grace] ...more
Last year I purchased the Annie Leibovitz/Susan Santog book "Women" and I was really surprised ...more

I Can't Believe I Never Learned About Frances Perkins

When I am battling insomnia, I most often turn to books to pass the sleepless hours. Yet once in awhile, when I am too tired to read but not able to sleep, I do resort to television. On one such night, I happened upon The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. He had just begun a discussion related to currency, in particular the lack of women featured on US currency. Instead of lulling me to sleep, his words made me sit up in bed and pay attention....more
Jacqueline Raposo Yes, Perkins and many other incredible women should be taught in our K-12 ...more

Word of Advice: Don't Discuss Controversial Current Events Topics With Your Family Over the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. A joyous time of year spent with loved ones; eating delicious food, giving and receiving generous gifts, listening to seasonal tunes and arguing with your family about hot-button political issues.Wait, what?Listen. I'm all for a healthy debate and voicing your opinions on current events and controversial topics. I think it's important to take a stand on something and to believe in a cause and to want to have a discussion with your peers, regardless if they agree with you or not....more

No More Deer In Headlights, Gotta Get theSkimm

A couple months ago I received an email saying I had subscribed to theSkimm. The only thing is, I had no recollection of signing up!...more

Fourth-Wave Feminism Can't Play Favorites

A few weeks past, news sources everywhere were aflutter with new information pertaining to the “Palin family brawl” that reportedly occurred at a party in September. Namely, leaked tapes of Bristol Palin’s teary description of an assault she endured that night at the hands of an unnamed man. In the recording, Bristol was heard giving a clearly upset, obscenity riddled explanation of the events that transpired to a police officer. She recounted how she was knocked to the ground, dragged by her feet and cursed at repeatedly by a male attacker....more

Diary of a Frustrated Zimbabwean Female Entrepreneur - Reply to Itai Dzamara

Today I sit at my desk writting this to you, Mr. Itai Dzamara - brave son of the soil.I read your post with my heart feeling like it was going to burn out of my chest.  I am sorry for what happened to you my brother.  I am sorry that I was not there to be with you - to hold your hand - to protect you.  I am sorry that I am not as brave as you are - to be able to come and stand along with you - just like what my other brothers are doing.I guess its because we are all born different hey.  We all have a seperate roles to play in life. ...more

How Living In Another Country Made Me A Patriot

At the ripe age of 19, only a year out of high school and into adult life, I married. He was my high school sweetheart and had enlisted in the military. Although we were desperately in love the long distance was killing us. After a particularly hard month for our relationship I got an envelope in the mail that said “open only when I call.”I waited for that phone call with such fear and anxiety that I can’t even explain. I assumed this was a massive break up and I was about to be dumped. When I answered his call on it’s first ring he asked “is it there?” I said “yes” in a quick breathless kind of way quickly followed by “what is it.” He was simple matter of fact “open it.” As I tore into the envelope he started talking about how I was his other half, friend, and soul mate. How he was in another country and all he could think was how much I would love it there with him. He had sweet anecdotes from our friends and silly stories of our early dating. I wish I could remember every word but I was completely shocked. I don’t even know how I said yes, just that I was sure that he was the one....more

Musings and Ramblings on the Election Results

I’m not going to pretend to be very informed about the issues and what happened last night. I am, however, taking time today to figure out where the country stands, post-election. At first glance this morning it seemed a bit depressing. I looked at a map of the election results and I saw a whole lot of red. I’m not going to lie, that scares me....more