They Come for the Candidate, but They Stay for the Coffee

In political organizing we have a saying: volunteers come for the candidate, but they stay for the coffee. A volunteer may come into an office to make a few calls or assemble lawn signs because they believe in the candidate or are passionate about a certain issue. But eventually, the thing that keeps them coming back is the community they find within a campaign, the other people who — just like them — believe in accomplishing something much bigger than they ever could alone. ...more

What Do We Really Want From Our Next President?

Finally, here we are on the eve of another United States presidential election.  I’m sure most of you are like I am and are anxious to get this election over with so the media will, hopefully, find something else besides polls and political pundits to focus on.  Also, like me, I’m sure most of you have decided for whom you are voting (or have already voted!), and you are more than ready for the antagonistic commercials and zealous candidate loyalists to cease and desist in their efforts to garner just one more vote....more

Climate Change Rant

I was running an errand the other evening, when a song came up on the radio that I hadn't heard  in quite a while. It's 'Ship of Fools' by the band World Party, and  I never really paid much attention to the lyrics and their meaning before now, although I've always liked it....more
Your word, "disconnect", is right on. It probably comes even before "denial".  It's just very, ...more

3 Tips on Politics, Friendships, and Facebook

Lifelong Learning...more

Romney Ryan Dustcloths

I’m oh-so-tired of politics. I’m really ready for this election to be over. Knowing that the election will be held in just five days gives me hope. BUT, something tells me that we may see another protracted election ala 2000 and, as they say, it’s not over until it’s over. ...more

Obama is not Coming After Your Guns and Romney is not Coming After Your Tampons

Before you get excited, this is NOT a post that is looking for or encouraging political bashing. So if you plan on getting busy in the comment section posting nasty stuff (not Janet Jackson nasty but political nasty. JJ nasty is perfectly acceptable), you’ll be asked to leave....more

Vote For Your Choice Among The Presidential Candidates

Are you nervous about the Presidential election on November 6? Can't wait for it to be over so everyone can take a deep breath and stop fighting? In just a few days, we'll resolve one of the most contentious presidential campaigns I can recall in decades. This week, the BlogHer opinion poll gives our community the chance to do a practice vote before you go to the polls for the real thing....more
Everyone should get out and vote. Never let anyone tell you your vote doesn't count because of ...more

Bullies? I wonder where they got that.

It seems that almost every day we read a terrible story of a child suffering chronic abuse at the hands of bullies.   These aptly named people seem to be relentless in their ability to attack, demean, and belittle their intended victim.  In trying to understand why people bully I see hand wringing, finger pointing, and general confusion as to how and why people become bullies.  I’m not feeling that confusion. ...more

Women Are People - My Story and Why the War on Women Isn't about Abortion

Here is my story.In 2008, the economy crashed. I was pregnant with twins. We had just bought a house with 10 percent down-payment. It would cost us more than $235,000 all told.Two weeks before I had my children, my husband lost his job. We went from a family of two making more than id="mce_marker"20,000, to a family of four making $40,000....more

What about the old maids?

Dear President Obama and other guy, please don’t forget about your old maid friends and supporters. We plan on voting in November and love to be included in the mix ! ...more