Finding Refuge

There are days when my thoughts of friends and family who are struggling, weigh heavy on me.  It puts me into a mode of constant prayer.  Each time God brings someone comes to mind, I say a quick prayer. ...more

Breaking The Blues

Should You Ask People Not to Pray For You?

Some atheists and agnostics are totally weirded out by the idea of someone praying for them....more
Christian here.  I appreciated your article because it does call Christian's out on a couple of ...more

Don't stop praying

As I was mulling over what to write for today’s post, I asked my daughter what she thought I should write about. She has no idea what I write about, but without skipping a beat, she said: “Prayer.”Whoa. She is three....more

A Prayer of Thanks

What is your family’s Thanksgiving tradition for giving thanks at the table?  Do the assembled family and friends bow their heads while one person says a prayer?  Do you have everyone hold hands in an unbroken chain while grace is said?  Do you go around the table and have everyone describe what he or she is thankful for this year?  Or do you dispense with the formalities and just dig in as soon as the turkey is carved?...more

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

 I had a lot of concerns when I quit drinking, and one that loomed largest was falling asleep.My pattern was to go a hundred miles an hour all day, then skid into home and pour a (fishbowl-sized) glass of wine to relax, a second glass to unwind, one more to ensure a good rest.  Maybe another after that (plus the top-ups in between) because I really really needed to make sure I slept. After all, I had a million things to do the next day! How could I even consider removing that cog from the machine?...more

We Are ONE

 There are more and more stories emerging of people who experience a taste of heaven and come back to earth with a new sense of the mercy and unconditional love of God as well as a desire to serve others on earth with that same mercy and love...more


It’s been that kind of day.To top it off, I came home and Zush is hurting again.The yelp is back, albeit it very sporadic.The Zusher needs to be monitored constantly. Unfortunately, I have to be at work and Jim is busy during the day.When I left her this morning there was no yelp. This afternoon, I cam through the door and it’s almost being back at square 3.She isn’t constantly yelping. I wish she wasn’t yelping, period....more

Small things- that make me happy

Have you been noticing, as you get older, the small day to day details through out the years are what sticks? Quiet time on the porch with your daughter reading, the way the sun comes through that window, when he makes Sunday breakfast,  hearing your child explain to their friend something you taught them or walking out the front door breathing in the season are just a handful of mine :) :) ...more

When Prayer Doesn't Come Naturally

Maybe prayer comes naturally to some people, but for me it has been such a learning and growing process. I didn’t grow up sharing my heart and emotions. On the contrary, I pretty much had to bottle them all. Since emotional and relational honesty and intimacy weren’t areas I was very comfortable with, it took a long time to feel comfortable praying. At first, I didn't know how to pray or if God really even wanted to hear from me. I would try to pray, get frustrated, and give up because I felt like I wasn't doing it right....more