Small things- that make me happy

Have you been noticing, as you get older, the small day to day details through out the years are what sticks? Quiet time on the porch with your daughter reading, the way the sun comes through that window, when he makes Sunday breakfast,  hearing your child explain to their friend something you taught them or walking out the front door breathing in the season are just a handful of mine :) :) ...more

You are MINE and I Am Yours

Personal weakness and  failure crushed my spirit.  After years of striving  for more of His Presence, ego and pride had shattered.  I  was exhausted and defeated.  SUDDENLY,   breaking through the clammer of mundane, mindless duties,  unexpected words pop into my mind, seemingly out of nowhere. "You are Mine" but even more startling " I am yours"....more

3 Ways to Keep Faith Alive Between Sundays (with Kids)

The Edel Gathering is this weekend and there were some of us who couldn't attend, as much as we would have loved it! Rita over at The Catholic Review: Open Window thought it would be great to host a blog hop wherein we'd have a virtual conference! I loved the idea and thought to share how I keep the faith alive between Sundays, with kids. I'll admit it, I don't always do a bang up job each week. Because work.You'll see what I mean....more
Avery Lane  Thanks! Is your daughter so excited? I love Kindergarten at our Catholic school. My ...more

Let It Go

Lately, I continue to find myself getting caught up in the decisions of others.  Decisions, I feel, they are making poorly.  It’s difficult to see someone, especially someone you love, make bad choices.  Choices you know will have bad results. How do I know they will turn out bad? Because they’ve made the same choices in the past and I have seen the outcome.  I know the results will not change, because the circumstances have not changed.  Results that are painful. Painful to not only themselves, but to those around them as well....more

Shooting at the Speed of Light

Intercession and pryaing for othersWhen we are plugged into the community of saints, when we are part of the Mystical Body of Christ, then a whispered prayer, even a thought, shoots at the speed of light, from our heart to the heart of those we pray for because we are connected, intimately although invisibly....more

My First "Official" Devotional!

This year for Lent our Pastor asked 10 of us to choose 4 scripture on the topic of prayer and write a devotional.  Each day, for the 40 days of Lent, one devotion is sent via email to anyone choosing to sign up to receive it. At first, I was really excited to have been chosen.  One of the things I'm struggling with in my Internship is a total lack of self confidence.  If I spent half as much time focusing on minstering to people as I do second guessing everything I do I'd be far happier and much more fulfilled. Anyway...I digress....more

Where I've Been: Why I'm Abandoning NaBloPoMo.

I am a writer.I’m a writer because I write.But it has occurred to me lately that I should occasionally ask myself why I write…To put it incredibly simplistically, I write because I don’t tend to know what I think until I’ve written it.It makes me wonder then — why do I feel like I need to write every day, if I don’t have anything of value to say?  Why do I just spew words for the sake of spewing words?  Why?  Is there value in self-reflection?  I would argue that there is....more

When A Minute Encompassed Eternity

 An encounter that I had longed for, searched for but it had become a brittle dream, a dry leaf long abandoned.I felt empty, despondent with all inner resources depleted.A mere shell.Yet deeper than the despairExisted a spark of yearning, an ache of hope that was  nonverbal, even preverbalA common yearning in all humanity.Unexpectedly, a mere glanceslipped silently into the dark cave within meLike a wisp of smoke suddenly bursting into flame...more

Are your prayers too safe?

The need to spend time evaluating my praying life has been placed on my heart followed by being beaten over my head with not so subtle reminders. I have made a conscious decision to make prayer part of my everyday life. Lately I have been challenged to question the safety in my prayers....more


The words prayer and contemplation intimidate many people but the reality is that prayer is simple, so simple that it eludes many adults. Relax. Be Quiet. Breathe in deeply. Enjoy the silence. Connect and listen. Sometimes we need to simply cease our activity, live in the moment and breathe....more