a prayer for scorned souls

To you we lift up our eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens—Our world has had more than its fill of the scorn of those who are at ease, of the contempt of the proud....more

A Prayer on the Eve of a New School Year

School starts tomorrow, bright and early. The kids are clean, the clothes are set out, the forms are completed and signed. Their lunches are planned, ready to be packed in lunch boxes with their names. The new backpacks are by the door. My boys giggled and chatted in their bunk beds despite several reminders to get some sleep. When my voice turned sharper, they finally quieted down and are now sound asleep....more

To Infinity and Beyond

Dear gracious and compassionate One, He who is close to the brokenhearted, You seem to be calling her home. If so, I pray that instead of sorrow, she would know only anticipation. Of the ever after, infinity, glory. A dry place. No tears.            I hope You stand between her and her earthly love, one great and gentle arm across her shoulder, another around his, drawing them to Yourself. I ask that the air they breathe be You (That near. Be that near to them, please.)....more

A Baby's Prayer

Son #2 is learning to pray before he goes to bed.  Last night, we read from a devotional book as the boys ate berry cobbler at the kitchen table.  After worship, my husband prayed.  Then, he asked Son #2 if he wanted to say his prayer.  Son #2 babbled and smiled. Our boys closed their eyes and folded their hands as I began.  "Dear..." Son #2 repeated.  "Dearw..." "Jesus"  I continued. "Ee...u"  Son #2 said. "Thank you..."  I stated. "Ta...tu"  Son #2 chirped. ...more

Facebook was Turning Me into My Mother - and Not in a Good Way

So we have a deal now, unvoiced, but I'm honoring it. I don't post anything that could humiliate her in school or out (including when we have a fight), and I never, not ever post a picture without her approval of the picture. She's let a few go by - some of them even blatantly silly. But I know she appreciates that I ask, so I think she throws me a bone sometimes and approves a few here and there. Anytime I'm the least bit tempted to cross the line, I try to remember being a twelve year old girl, sitting on a church pew, as the congregation asks God to bless my bowels. ...more
I am not saying your should never share that picture, but maybe make it more selective.  Maybe ...more

Pray for Moore, Oklahoma

We are still in shock about the devastating tornado damage to the Moore,Oklahoma area.  The cutest little rent house ever is a little less than two hours away so we were not in any danger from the tornados however we have had lots and lots of rain!!  The news is still full of footage of the houses that are just piles of lumber now.  People are still looking for lost loved ones as well as still searching the rubble in hopes of finding lost pets.  We are covering that area in prayer!  We need the weather to cooperate for a day or two so those folks can go in and try t...more

Prayer For A Stranger

 I saw you.  I saw you bent there at the end of your driveway.  Bent over like you were repenting.  Bent over like your spirit had been ripped in half.  Greying hair buffeted by spring winds and arms wrapped tight around your middle like you needed to hold yourself together.  Bent over that blond and matted and flattened piece of fur.  Bent over wondering how that could ever be the sweet kitty you snuggled before you left that morning.  Bent ov...more

Something Bigger Than Ourselves

  There are moments in life when you realize that we are not in control and something much greater is at work. I had one of those moments last Friday at the gym of all places....more

I Might Actually Be Doing Something Right

When Emmy was a little baby, my mom told me to always watch out for the "half-years" as those are the most trying with kids.  By that I mean 18 months, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, etc. Boy was my mom right.  Two with Emmy?  A breeze.  Two and a half?  I nearly lost my mind.  And the same has been true ever since.  ...more


 The Joy of Mothering  You have the choice to erase one incident from your past, as though it never happened. What would you erase and why?...more
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