Serene Sunday -The Power of Prayer

Serene Sunday - serenity can be found in the power of prayer....more


I spent this past weekend in the beautiful city of New Orleans.  While there, I took a Haunted Spirit tour which included a visit to the grave of Marie Laveau. If you are unfamiliar with her, she was a Voodoo priestess in New Orleans.  To this day, people visit her tomb, leaving offerings....more

Prayer means never having to say good-bye

  Our whispered hello to God and each other is called prayer....more
 @honeymebee My pleasure. I am always a bit worried that it is too esoteric and that it will ...more

7/4/12 Wonderful Wednesday-My Prayers for My Children are Wonderful

Wonderful Wednesday- a blast from the past as I take the day off to celebrate the 4th of July with my family. Originally posted April 25, 2012. ...more

The Westie Adoption Process

 The Westie Adoption ProcessI have a true TALE about our special dog. In the following posts, you will see why he is so special and how he came to not only find us, but more importantly adopt us. It is an incredible story and one that is worth the read....more

How My Children Make Me Pay Attention More During Prayer and Worship

Unfortunately though this is compelling, and I think, very true and necessary -- the imperative to embrace the darkness and quiet because of its being conducive to God's's just not feasible anymore. One of four things happen when I close my eyes, particularly for prayer: 1) I start snoring. 2) I start daydreaming. 3) I start writing lists. 4) The babies run away and/or fall off a pew (namely, in church on Sundays). So I stopped closing my eyes. Actually, I stopped a while ago....more
I am a mother of 7 - 5 Boys and two girl, I would not say that I have forced Christianity on to ...more

I'm listening...

I'm listening.  I'm waiting.  I am just being still.  Today I went to baseball games and enjoyed the nice weather.  I spilled my pop and listened to a 15yr old couple argue.  I wanted to tell them to stop and breathe in the spring air, look into each others eyes and quit worrying about the little stuff.  It made me wonder if I needed to hear that.  Did I make a mistake?  Had I left my marriage to early?  Did I sweat the small stuff?  Was I too hung up on the details and I didn't trust God to take care of me so I took care of it myself? ...more


So much of our news is immediate and for some reason the bad news travels even faster.  We hear about illnesses, hospitalizations, accidents, and deaths within minutes or hours by means of cell phones, texts, or the internet.  The degree of separation from the people involved may temper our immediate reaction, but deep down there is a need to help in any way possible....more

National Day of Prayer 2012

It's May 3, 2012 and this year's National Day of Prayer Scripture is from Psalms 33:12. It's more than a coincidence, it's the power of God! Three being a number of resurrection, and Twelve the number of Government. ...more