How My Children Make Me Pay Attention More During Prayer and Worship

Unfortunately though this is compelling, and I think, very true and necessary -- the imperative to embrace the darkness and quiet because of its being conducive to God's's just not feasible anymore. One of four things happen when I close my eyes, particularly for prayer: 1) I start snoring. 2) I start daydreaming. 3) I start writing lists. 4) The babies run away and/or fall off a pew (namely, in church on Sundays). So I stopped closing my eyes. Actually, I stopped a while ago....more
I am a mother of 7 - 5 Boys and two girl, I would not say that I have forced Christianity on to ...more

I'm listening...

I'm listening.  I'm waiting.  I am just being still.  Today I went to baseball games and enjoyed the nice weather.  I spilled my pop and listened to a 15yr old couple argue.  I wanted to tell them to stop and breathe in the spring air, look into each others eyes and quit worrying about the little stuff.  It made me wonder if I needed to hear that.  Did I make a mistake?  Had I left my marriage to early?  Did I sweat the small stuff?  Was I too hung up on the details and I didn't trust God to take care of me so I took care of it myself? ...more


So much of our news is immediate and for some reason the bad news travels even faster.  We hear about illnesses, hospitalizations, accidents, and deaths within minutes or hours by means of cell phones, texts, or the internet.  The degree of separation from the people involved may temper our immediate reaction, but deep down there is a need to help in any way possible....more

National Day of Prayer 2012

It's May 3, 2012 and this year's National Day of Prayer Scripture is from Psalms 33:12. It's more than a coincidence, it's the power of God! Three being a number of resurrection, and Twelve the number of Government. ...more


Spiritual Bondage

BoundGagged!I can’t breathe!HELP!SCREAMING IN MY MINDI am innocentI committed NO CRIME!I collapsed on the floorTired, hungryHow long I have been hereI am not sure*I begin to prayPray like I never have beforeDear Lord, I am in dismayWhat am I to do?Please take me awayTake me home, let me be renewedTake me out of this shellA spiritual cleansing...more
Lovely and beautifully encouraging.  May God bless and refresh you always!more

Chuck Colson URGENT Prayers Needed

Urgent Update on Chuck Colson's Condition. Your prayers are needed as he is near death.I received the information below in an email from as a signer of the Delcaration. Here is the exact text-...more

Do you know how to pray?

On February 14, my fiance and I took my daughter out for a Valentine's dessert. We were at our favorite restaurant, having a great time, when I repeated a joke that my late grandfather used to make... about my stomach dunlapping over my belt. You've heard the one? Well, I insensitively forgot that it is still too soon to make jokes and laugh at my grandfather's silliness in front of my daughter. He passed away in September 2010, and she's still pretty torn up about it....more

Top 5 Reasons to Pray

My Top 5 Reasons to Pray. When Jesus was on earth, He taught his disciples to ask for everything from forgiveness to their daily bread. But if God knows what we need already, why should we pray? In today’s vlog, I share a time when Jesus didn’t get what He asked for as an illustration. Follow this link to watch the video and get some answers!...more

Philippians 4:6

I once read the statement, “The more you worry, the less faith you have”.  Ouch!  That’s convicting.  I have great faith; enough to cover me and countless friends and family members, but I still worry at times.  Some of the things that I worry about are small, but others are large....more