A Request for Prayers

Thirty years ago, Patti and I were stationed together on the island of Crete and have been friends ever since.  Today, Patti is packing for the Marines to fly her to Hawaii to be at her son's bedside.  Danny was medevac'd from Okinawa to Hawaii yesterday.  He is suffering from aplastic anemia and is considered acute enough that the Marine Corp is flying his wife from Japan and his mother from Florida to be at his bedside.  Danny is a proud Marine serving his country and the brand new father of a five week old daughter....more

Fast Dogs--Part II

My son was crying when he came upstairs to tell me the long-legged, beagle-howling, slut puppy, sister hounds had run away.  Again.  I pulled him onto my lap and used my shirt sleeve to wipe the snot from under his nose.            "They'll come back, honey," I said, into his hair.  "They always do."            "I hope so, Mommy.  'Cause I don't want 'em to get hit by a car and have to be scraped off the street with a splatula."    ...more

Hey Denise:

I knew you would. You're the Prairie Dog lady:)

This is Not Normal

Growing up in the Midwest, the spring "tornado season" is taken pretty much for granted. We all know there will be thunderstorms, cracks of lightning whose thunder rattles the window frames, wind that blows all the new leaves back to the ground. Maybe hail that is big enough to dent cars or sit in little ice-balls in the yard, melting slowly while some of us hide in the basements and the rest run for the video camera, hoping to catch the funnel cloud or the particular color of ash-green the sky just turned. ...more

The mirror doesn't lie...

In January 2011, I made the commitment to read, pray, and write every day.  I felt led to share some of the lessons I am leaning along the way.  At times, the lessons come from the text I am reading, and other times the lessons come from experiences lived as God shows me His truths.  Well, today the lesson came at the bathroom mirror, I am confident I am called to share, so bear with me! Lesson learned:  The mirror doesn’t lie  Several weeks ago, per my request, Brian hung a beautiful full-length mirror on the back of my closet door ...more


ONE THING... I have always been a little curious about the story of the rich, young ruler in the gospels.  He approached Jesus, acknowledging him as the “good teacher.”  He obviously knew of Jesus and wanted what Jesus had to offer.   He asked Jesus how he could obtain eternal life.   Jesus first challenged the young man for “buttering him up.”  Then, Jesus reminded the young man of the commandments.  The rich, young ruler told the Lord he had kept all the commandments.  He sure was confident!  Then, Mark 10:21 says, “And Jesus...more

Soar on!

This morning, I woke up praying for Brian.  I prayed that Brian would wait on the Lord, that his strength would be renewed, and that he would soar like the eagle.  I prayed that God would encourage him and refresh him....more


WHEW! This one is a big one! Don’t worry we are going to get through this one. The reason this is so hard for us all is because it cuts right through us. When we have been hurt, disappointed it leaves wounds, some wounds don’t even recover because the damage is far to great. I don’t want to minimize no ones feelings or thoughts because forgiveness is not easy. ...more

Donating My Hair: What Have I Done?

I’m an expert at going against the flow. I will not be one of them. Every other girl at my high school has long, straightened hair. When they walk by, you can smell the crispy, burnt ends. Sort of like a campfire. Not really. Campfires smell good. ...more

I love the honesty and the way your words described that moment. I felt as if I was lying on ...more

The power of prayer

“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa ...more