The night of a thousand months

Photo courtesy of VickyTH, Flickr From seconds to years to millennia, time is a fluid concept in Islam that I often puzzle over. During the final 10 days of Ramadan falls a night that the Quran describes as being ‘better th...more

Under the Shade of Love....


Dear Mary, Pray for Us

Dear Mary, mother of God,...more

How Soul Moments Begin

Any moment of prayer—of blessing ourselves and others—is by definition a soul moment....more

Patiently Await His Timing

Life isn't always easy and let's face it, times are tough in today's economy. Millions of Americans are struggling financially or otherwise. I can only imagine the long list of prayers our God is hearing day in and day out.Many of those prayers have likely been repeated over and over again from the same people. Maybe you're one of those people feeling like God isn't listening.I promise, He is listening and He has the perfect plan for you.Welcome to Walk-In-Faith Friday at ChristianSuperMom!...more

A Mama's Prayer for Summer Camp

A prayer for my dear son embarking on his second year at summer camp... May you find learning and growth of all kinds. May you gain independence and feel comfort in your Jewish identity. May the mosquitoes be guided away from you, and may the raindrops not fall into your tent (too much). May the food be delicious and the pool the right temperature. May you seek out new experiences and try new things (vegetables would be nice but I'm doubtful)....more

Week 4

Last post, I wrote about my chance to ask my church family at Belfast U.M. church for support — prayer & financial — for my work with HOPE61. Well, the pastor there also pastors another nearby church, in Caneadea. He asked if I was interested in speaking there too! So Sunday I went to Caneadea’s service at 9:00 AM & then Belfast’s at 10:50. This was my first time officially presenting my ministry & I was quite nervous....more

Dear Mother Nature

I live in Austin, Texas. As far as weather disasters's not a bad place to live. We get the occasional flash flood, rare tornado, and once in a great while a hurricane actually makes it this far. But this year, we are in the most extreme drought in over 100 years. My yard has cavernous cracks in it. And we are still so much more fortunate than the rest of the country. The South has had tornadoes, floods, and one line of storms after the other. The Midwest is being devastated by the same. Hawaii has had eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.....more

It's a girl thing.

So, I'm extremely annoyed at a reasonably well-known person this week....more