When A Sibling Dies...Remembering My Brother

 I had hoped to treat this like any other Sunday, you know, coffee, New York Times, read about someone else's adventures, but I can't. ...more

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Living, Loving, Laughing... http://youthinkyoucanblog.wordpress.comI wanted to share a poem I found online. It sums up what I wish and pray for all my readers, friends, and family....more
Lovely prayer. Happy Thanksgiving.more

Repairing the Right Relationship...

i totally understand going through the motions. i was raised catholic, and the repetitive ...more

God’s answer key for sound decision-making

The other day I was talking to my sister about an important decision I am on the verge of making. I have had to overcome a good deal of hesitation in trying to reach my final decision, although events have unfolded in a manner that is pushing me more and more in the direction of taking this next step....more

Thanksgiving Prayer

Family Thanksgiving Prayer Dear precious Lord, We bow our heads in heartfelt, thankful prayer; For all the ways You’ve blessed our lives and for Your loving care. We thank You for the hands that have prepared this special treat And pray that You will bless all those who have no food to eat. We’re thankful for Salvation’s plan and for Your Holy Word; And pray we’ll help to spread Your love to those who’ve never heard....more

Prayer for the Mom of a Forgetful Child

Dear Lord: I stand humbly before you - though it may be a little hard to see me among the clutter in my child's room - to ask a favor. You see, my child is forgetful. No, let me rephrase that. My child has elevated absent-mindedness to an art. He can look at a list of five homework assignments in class and come home with nothing in his backpack but an old permission slip, a granola bar wrapper and a GoGo toy. He has yet to see a winter soften to spring with a matching set of gloves to show for it. ...more
*Amen*! more

Prayer For Marriage Restoration - Giving Up "Me-ness for We-ness"

   Marriage is ordained by God! It was meant to be a Covenant relationship sanctioned by a Covenant God! A Covenant is a sacred vow witnessed by God! For Christians it is the most solemn agreement that one can make between a man and woman! A Covenant requires sacrifice it represents the merging of two lives. The “two becoming one.” This does not mean one gives up their own personal identity. Two strong hearts join together as One!...more

Prayer, perhaps.

Today I heard Mary Gordon define prayer as “having something to say and someone to say it to.” And I just loved that idea. As you know, if you read this blog or know me personally, I have come out of deep faith into a place of agnostic atheism. Well, I hate to even define it because it’s constantly in flux. I am agnostic. That will remain true. ...more

Unexpected Lessons.

I'm so happy for him! It takes amazing strength to compete in front of a crowd and shake the ...more

An Invitation to Prove Principle

Maryland and other states along the East Coast are preparing for the worst. Hurricane Irene is heading for us.  ...more