When It Is Hard To Pray

Do you want to pray or meditate, but find it hard to actually do it? I have heard so many reasons, and have used a few of them myself: It is hard to find the time. It is never quiet enough. I start, but then do not know what to say. It doesn't feel like God or the Universe is interested. My concerns are too small. My concerns are too large. Nothing can help. It is difficult to feel separated from a source that can help or comfort us. ...more

Praying can be difficult for many people because when we pray the enemy likes to distract us ...more

A Matter of Semantics

Someone asked me if I pray often. As a Catholic, I suppose I am accustomed to thinking of prayer as a formal thing. I will admit I do not say the Lord's Prayer often. I do pray the rosary, but mostly in times of deep personal turmoil or great anguish. So in the traditional Catholic sense of the word, no. I don't pray often. There is another point of view, though. I talk to God quite a bit....more

It's nice to have conversations with God :) Also, to know that he is there with us through good ...more

Our Needs Are Not A One Time Deal

Driving to work at 5 am...in the dark...definitely gives me time to think, meditate, pray and enjoy my morning tumbler of coffee.  I actually don't mind being on the road at that time of the morning.  Even with the traffic during that pre-dawn hour, it's actually pretty peaceful.  Sometimes I listen to the radio and scan different stations and listen to preaching and/or worship music while other times I turn the radio off and enjoy the silence....more

Experience Grace Under Pressure

In these tough times we’re challenged to move past the obstacles and live in grace. My friends showed us how:...more

junk drawer.

I love moving. I must-I’ve lived in 16 houses in my 34 years! I love the process. I love packing up our most valuable possessions and rearranging them in a new place. But I am obsessed with the junk.  I love to de-clutter and throw away the junk that’s just been getting in the way. Except that ever elusive junk drawer. I’m not a fan. It’s the last thing to pack, which means it doesn’t get sorted through at all.  It’s more of an “I’m so tired of packing that I’m just going to toss this all in a box and go through it wh...more

Riding the Long Tide


I almost lost it--my sanity, my togetherness—when the song came on. “This is what it means to be held.  How it feels, when the sacred is torn from your life.” I covered my mouth. So she wouldn’t hear the sound of my desperation. I pushed my sunglasses up, thankful for them. She was awake. She might be watching. I need Superglue. I blinked back tears. ‘Cause I’m falling apart. I focused on I-270....more

Awake, Awake (Early morning with God)

Awake, Awake. Early morning stillness wraps itself around creation. The break of day gently spills over the roof tops and trees. One by one the birds come awake - as they sing their morning song to me. Soon The stillness, song and light have filled my heart. ...more

“Some days I think I know the Truth and feel I am guided from Above. But at other times I feel ...more

I need to get over myself

If you have read any of my posts you will know that I use my blogging for therapy. I have battled low self esteem and weight problems my whole life. I am also a person who has been taken advantage of because of my ability to be empathetic to others. In the nursing world they now call it "compassion fatigue". You think I would have learned from past experiences not to repeat poor choices but guess what, it happens. People fool you into thinking they are your friend and then the bottoms drops out. You give to your children and your family thinking they will be appreciative and they're not....more

Livin' on the edge after 50

All my life I have had ideas, dreams, aspirations....things that I wanted to accomplish but never did because life happened.  At 50 I now choose to toss caution to the wind... live on the edge... bite off more than I can chew... and begin doing some of my dreams.  Now, I am not talking about climbing Mount Everest here ladies! I am not even talking about going bungee jumping or parachuting!...more