3 Tips for Throwing a Successful Baby Shower in the Office

Earlier today, our office held a baby shower for one of the members of our team, Dana, who is about to head out on maternity leave. This isn’t our first rodeo when it comes to throwing baby showers for team members expecting either —not to toot my own horn too much, but we’ve got everything about hosting baby showers down to a science! But for many offices, and startups especially, holding a baby shower for a pregnant coworker for the first time can look like a daunting task. Where do you get started? The answer is a lot simpler than you think!...more
AmateurNester  That's a really good note to make - great point!more

It's My Pregnancy and I'll Complain if I Want To

After two previous high risk pregnancies, a traumatic birth with my second son which culminated in me needing a blood transfusion, and a new pregnancy which has been riddled with pain, bleeding, and much stress, forgive me for needing to get something off my chest... ...more
Pregnancy is not easy even when their are no complications.  Congratulations.  You have went ...more

Is One Child Enough? Thoughts on Pregnancy After a Traumatic Birth

Most days, when I look into Jax's bright blue eyes, I feel like our family is complete. Some days, when I watch him gaze out the window searching for new friends, I'm sad that he doesn't have a little brother or sister to keep him company. Jax is thinking: But I want to go sledding with a sibling, not my mom and dad! ...more
ParentingMiracles JaxMullysMom  I'm so happy to hear you did not feel that guilt. I can guess ...more

The Cure to Baby Fever

Remember when I used to have baby fever? I had one of the worst cases and there was nothing anyone could do to lower it. It was such an intense urge that it consumed my life, every second of it. Then I had a baby, and not long after that I had another one and during that time and the years that followed, I have experienced the following: ...more

10 Surprises About the First Few Days After You Have a Baby

Childbirth classes were something I didn’t consider to be optional when I was pregnant. With my Type A personality and the fact that I am someone who would always rather know the ugly truth than a pleasant lie, you’d better believe I was in that class with pen in hand, taking notes. Plus I was pregnant with twins, so I was already at Terror Alert Level Orange. ...more
Spot. On. I've had to have 3 of these god awful c-sect experiences. No choice in the matter. ...more

Choosing not to take a Pregnancy test during the 2ww

I Katie, pledge not to take a home pregnancy test before the 2ww week wait is up.  Sounds funny right?!  So many woman undergoing IVF take multiple pregnancy tests before getting the actual beta numbers. I am guilty myself during my previous rounds....more

Soy formula linked to seizures in children with autism

New research indicates that there may be a link between seizures in children with autism and formula containing soy protein (vs. milk protein).Of the 1,949 children that were studied, there were:- excess seizures among the girls- excess seizures among the total sample of children- borderline significance among the boys (who were 87% of the children)...more

The Faux Hippie's Guide to Fertility: Eastern Meets Western

"On the road again"...the lyrics of that incredibly annoying honky-tonk country song pop into my head when I think about the next few weeks for me. I've taken a month break from my fertility journey and although it felt REALLY good (I mean REALLY REALLY good), it also started to feel as though I'd given up and so I'm on the road again starting today....more

Is a Diaper Bag Really Necessary?

According to my baby bump app, I have 84 days until my due date. Is it just me or does 84 days sound like a short amount of time? And that's if I go all the way to 40 weeks but we all know that babies are unpredictable so who knows when her birthday will be? I feel like there is still a lot of preparation to do before she arrives. We have a crib, a mattress and crib sheets (all eco-friendly might I add!) so at least she has somewhere to sleep. We still need to pick up a few more items to finish off the nursery but we are getting there....more

the good, the weird and the rude: 7 things people do to you when you're pregnant.

in my limited experience as a pregnant person, i've started to notice some recurring patterns in the things people do to me since i started growing a person inside of me. and naturally, i started to realize how hysterical some of them were (at least to me, they might not be funny to you at all, now that i think about it)....more