#3Things That Made Me Not Want to Post About My Pregnancy on Facebook

It's not necessarily that I don't want people to know. Although, honestly, it'd be nice if some didn't. But my pregnancy is my own, and nobody else's, and I like it that way. I struggle a lot with people pleasing, and when I open myself up to a ton of opinions, it makes my life a lot harder. And because I want to share with you why I think it's fine to not always post big news on social media, here's a post on #3THINGS that made me not want to post about my pregnancy on Facebook....more

Ever Met a Mom Who's Overwhelmed? Motherhood vs Postpartum Depression

Every expectant mother dreams of the day that she’ll be able to hold her baby in her arms... or so I thought. When someone you love doesn't exactly feel that way, what do you do? When do you say that sadness (and all other extreme emotions) is normal after giving birth, and when do you say it's postpartum depression?I was watching a soap opera yesterday and I couldn't help but think that the lady who spank the lead star on TV might be antagonistic because she just gave birth and she might be a little out of sorts. It started as a passing thought, but as the day progressed, I wondered if that kind of melodramatic spanking happened not just on TV, but in real life. ...more

Your birth month may influence risk of 55 diseases (including ADHD and asthma)

Researchers believe they've found a correlation between the month you were born and certain diseases/disorders. They scanned 1.7 million medical records and found that of 1,688 diseases, 55 were somewhat linked to birth month.A few things to consider:1. This was done using NYC medical records, so obviously it could be different in other states or countries.2. The increased correlation isn't huge--or definitive.3. This is more just for reading pleasure because it's interesting - not because it's foretelling of your cause of death. ; )...more

Top 10 Hospital Bag Essentials

So…your bundle of joy is on the way.  You’re down to your last few months or in most cases, weeks of pregnancy.   Do you have your hospital bag packed?  No? Well, you’re not alone. Me neither!...more

A Dad's Perspective on Miscarriage

I get asked quite often why there is a big age gap between kids 2 and 3. There is a 5 and a half year’s difference and people seem to be curious as to why we began our journey through babyhood once again. When I’m asked, I usually smile and say simply, “timing was right.” I don’t mind the question and it is simply a way for parents to keep a conversation going. But the truth is, there wasn’t supposed to be such a big gap…...more

Baby Number 4 is on the Way: Are We the Duggars of NYC?

As we were sitting on the couch in post-confrontational silence, my wife reached into her bag and pulled out a pregnancy test. I stared back at the plus sign. I hadn’t seen it coming. A slow buildup of stomach acid, mixed with other junk, churned in my stomach and rotated from my throat and back. My hands trembled as I handed the test back to my wife. Her eyes reflected the churning of my stomach. Four kids. Four kids in New York City. As far as New York standards go, you might as well be a Duggar if you have that many....more

10 reasons I loved being pregnant

Go ahead and roll your eyes, ladies.  “Oooooh, shes one of THOSE chicks that actually likes being pregnant”.  Well before you get your panties in a bunch, I should preface this with the facts that I did have morning sickness that was pretty severe at times and plenty of other discomforts throughout the ride.  And I promise, I have plenty of war wounds to prove it!...more

Staying Healthy While Traveling When Pregnant

  *Consult with your doctor or midwife before traveling or exercising while pregnant. This article was written from a non-medical professional point of view. During this pregnancy I have probably spent as much time traveling for work as I have spent at home. In my 4 years of being a professional road warrior, I thought I knew what to expect. Well traveling and traveling while pregnant has turned out to be two different things. ...more

Finding Light

I never wanted to have children. My adopted/rescued pets were enough… I couldn’t and didn’t want to imagine myself as the mother of a human. I didn’t want the responsibility and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to mentally, emotionally, and physically handle the pregnancy and the child-rearing. Throughout my teenage and adult years, I endured numerous issues with my reproductive system that led me to believe that I was incapable of getting pregnant....more

11 Ways to Support Your Infertile Friends During World Infertility Awareness Month (and Always)

Ashamed. Heartbroken. Lonely. Depressed. Scared.These are just a few of the ways your infertile friends feel at this very moment....more