The Vital Facts about Cytomegalovirus

 Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, is an asymptomatic virus in the human herpes virus family....more

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Young Mom

Motherhood came to me a lot earlier than I ever thought it would. I became a mom two months after my 19th birthday. I don't usually like to volunteer that information. I like for people to assume that I'm pushing 30 when I go somewhere with my three crazy kids, but it's not the case. I was a teen mom. ...more
Hi Caroline, your story really resonated with me. My folks were young parents that gave me a ...more

Pregnancy After the Heartbreak of Miscarriage

For 16 long months I waited to get pregnant. I took my temperature every morning. I took all the ovulation tests. I tracked my symptoms. I took pregnancies tests. I got my hopes up. And for 16 long months I was disappointed. My heart was broken. Of course those months were made heartbreaking with the three miscarriages I experienced. ...more
I went through this as well with my first baby.  It was heartbreaking and it took a year before ...more

Raising an Aries Ram

My Big, Fat Fitness Routine... And It Works!

I am a fitness enthusiast. So exercising during pregnancy is just part of the daily routine. Exercising gives me energy, makes me feel good, and helps...more

The older mom on the block

Someone asked me the other day if I wanted to have another baby. People like to ask parents that question. (I don't know why, as it is really none of their business, but they ask.) I have my standard answers:...more

Huge Baby Blues

I read an article recently,  When a Big Baby Isn't So Big in the New York Times that prompted my mostly horrid memories of my pregnancy and childbirth experience with my second son, "Cherub."  Not that I could ever forget the experience, it could have killed my baby.  The article struck me and brought it all back....more