Why I am the Postpartum Doula For You!

You may have already heard the exciting news! I am working with the Iowa Doula Agency as a postpartum doula!...more

Giving Birth vs. A Marathon

I’ve written and re-written this about ten million times, because it’s so difficult to find the words to describe labor and childbirth. There is really NOTHING that compares, so when a runner friend asked me how similar it is to running a marathon, I kept thinking, and thinking…and thinking some more. I think about it most, and best, while I’m running. That’s the only time I’m actually able to find the words… which I usually forget as soon as I stop running!. But now I think I’ve finally found a way to answer her question…...more

10 things not to do during the Two Week Wait

I’m still in the two week wait…Can you believe it? I appreciate that time doesn’t go any quicker during this hell hole of 14 days but for some reason, this month, it seems to going extra frigging slow!To pass the boredom – and to stop me looking at Facebook (school holidays mean my entire newsfeed is full of parents making wonderful memories with their children) I had a quick look on the WWW to see what advice others had for those struggling to get through these nightmare 336 hours....more

The Art of Pregnancy After 40

I'm happy to announce that after two years in the works, I just published my first book titled "The Art of Pregnancy After 40", as part of The Simple Green Life Book Series.The book is a perfect mélange of my personal journey, current medical standards, common myths, and the latest scientific research.The book shall serve as an informal guide to lifestyle, diet, exercise, partnership and pregnancy at this age, offering motivation, inspiration as well as strength....more

April Fools Pregnancy Pranks Aren't Funny

The subject line of the email promised me that the April Fools prank would be "epic." You donate a car and get a kid! Isn't that funny? People will think this business is giving out kids left and right! And to make it even more amusing, donors "can actually choose the kind of kid they want to receive as result of their car donation." Aren't you howling with laughter? ...more
I knew a girl who pulled the pregnancy prank on her boyfriend on April Fool's Day. He promptly ...more

Feeling Fantastic While You’re Expecting

While the media floods the internet and magazines with perfectly-coiffed, well-dressed images of pregnant women – all with that inimitable, radiant pregnancy glow – anyone who’s ever actually been pregnant will tell you it’s not always such plain sailing. Having an off day? Believe me, I know how it feels. I’ve put together a list of fail-safe, low-effort tips that have worked for me and will no doubt have you looking and feeling fantastic in no time....more

25 Pictures of Siblings Meeting for the First Time Will Give You All The Feels

I will admit, the moment I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 was joy and sadness. I was sad for Phoebe. She was 16 months old when I became pregnant and still my one and only baby. I felt guilt and like I was betraying her. She would no longer be the center of my world and attention in just 9 short months. ...more

Congratulations Your Pregnant! Now what? A Guide to a Non-Toxic and Healthy Pregnancy.

 I think most mothers, if not all, understand  that pregnancy is a time to be healthy.  Many of us become preoccupied with researching all things organic in what can seem like a sometimes overwhelming push to become healthier as moms to -ultimately- offer a healthier beginning for our babies.Is this non-toxic living thing a hormone induced exaggeration?   Is it a passing trend?  Nope.  ...more

Why I Don't Want to Know My Baby's Gender

I can't even remember why we walked into our 20-week ultrasound with baby #5 having decided that we didn't want to know the gender.With child number 1, 2, 3, and 4 Phillip and I never even thought to ask each other, "Do you want to find out whether it's a boy or a girl?" That was just what you did at 20 weeks.But for whatever reason, we told the ultrasound tech not to tell us with #5, and I'm really glad we did.Because that particular pregnancy was the one where I learned by experience that sometimes things go NOTHING like you'd planned....more