Vitamin C & E in Pregnancy

Life on the Curve—THREE: Nurturer

“Mother,” as someone has pointed out, “is a verb, not a noun.”Life on the Curve so far: Spring:  Girl Summer:  Wom-Mind...more
Just found this: "In [1982] psychologist Carol Gilligan published In a Different Voice, a ...more

The Abortion Issue

I realize this probably won't make me popular, but I'm feeling passionate so I will take the risk and let the rant out......more

Am I Baby-Crazed?

 Meet our son, Liam. He is soon to be 3 months old and he is the joy of my life. As I write this he is asleep on his swing, cuddled with his blanket and I sit here and think, how amazing is it to be a mother. I believe it is my calling. (Currently trying for baby #2).I am very new here at BlogHer, and wanted to ask other mommies, how long did you wait to start trying again? Is it too hippie of me for trying to conceive 3 months post pregnancy? ...more
And your son is adorable!more

The Occupy Movement

There seems to be a new Occupy movement taking place across the country. It feels like those taking place in the movement are definitely 99% of the population too.I’ve dubbed this movement “Occupy Uterus”....more

I Can't Stomach Comments About My Pregnant Stomach

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I'm pregnant after 10 months of trying to conceive. We're very excited, but I have a problem with my husband's stupid friend and his wife. She stared at my stomach for months, asking if I was pregnant. I wasn't, and it was a sore spot. Then a month before we got pregnant, the guy started making comments, too. And it got awkward. "You're pregnant, huh?" "Uh, no. I'm not." "Riiiight." I wanted to knee him in the groin. Way to rub it in and imply that I'm fat....more
Ha! I can relate! I remember after delivering my first, I was riding the hospital elevator ...more

What, physically, do I like about being pregnant?

When Andrea was thinking about getting pregnant the first time, she dreaded the changes her body would go through. She hated the idea of gaining weight in ways she couldn’t predict. She worried about feeling out of control. Also, she was generally concerned about fitting into what she called a “traditional” pregnancy image. She didn’t consider herself matronly. She didn’t want to look matronly. She didn’t want to be that wholesome, boring looking pregnant woman image that she often saw in the media. Andrea was clear about all that....more

The End of a Trimester

According to the Baby Center App that I've downloaded to my iPhone, this is the last week of my first trimester - which translates into: It's been two months since I went all cold-turkey off my antidepressants (which they totally advise you not to do - but I did, because I'd already successfully weaned myself off several months ago when we started trying to conceive; but when I started to notice changes in the way I thought and handled things, I decided that sanity trumped having an antidepressant free uterus, ...more

Enjoying the Journey

I kept putting off having kids because of how much I dreaded being pregnant. About six years ago, when I began contemplating the idea of becoming pregnant, I realized I had some pretty cynical thoughts and feelings about pregnancy. “Pregnancy doesn’t look fun at all,” I thought. “You get big, your ankles swell, your body is out of your control, and you can get special diseases!” I quickly realized that if I didn’t change my outlook, I was simply going to “get through” a couple of pregnant years of my life, and I wasn’t committed to living that way!...more