I Was 9 Months Pregnant When My Mom Died

The phone rang and my body tensed, just as it had for the last two days whenever the phone rang. I was waiting for the call. The one where the voice on the other end of the line would tell me, "She's gone, Jacqui. Mom died."...more
I had lost my parents in one of the accident; I was about 8-9 years old. I didn’t get the chance ...more

The Truth About Using Sex Toys After Pregnancy

A while back, we talked about whether or not it was safe to use sex toys during pregnancy. But even after pregnancy, toys are a great way to take care of yourself. Better yet, they can even help you get back into being intimate with your partner. Whether you're using them alone or having your partner use them on you, here's a brief guide to using sex toys after giving birth....more
Read this blog about the visual appearance of your punani and pilates.. Interesting ...more

Lie #1: Breastfeeding Will Be Easy

I am going to be a little negative here. I am not trying to discourage you from breastfeeding.  I am going to tell you the truth.I promise you that I will always tell you the truth.  I am not going to sugar coat stuff for you. You are a big girl and you have a right to know what your are getting yourself into by choosing to breastfeed.The truth is that often, breastfeeding is really, really hard.But isn’t it natural? Haven’t women been doing this for thousands of years?...more

When Your Friends Become Moms -- and What That Means for You

There comes a time in every girl’s life when her close friends start to have babies.  For me, it began around five years ago…and hasn’t stopped yet.  Out of my closest girlfriends, I’d say 90% of them are now mothers.  That’s a pretty big number....more
thekatieshowblog thank you!  It *is* hard at first, for sure.  And I won't lie, it's still hard ...more

Our Bodies, Our Business

“Tasha and I were just talking about if we thought you were pregnant again!”...more

How to Be Fitted For a Bridesmaid Dress While Pregnant

My beautiful sister Catherine is to be married in two weeks to her fiance of over 18 months. The wedding has been a longtime coming and we are so excited for it to finally be here! Shortly after she and Matthew were engaged, Catherine asked me to be her Matron of Honor and I was thrilled to be asked. I visited her in February of last year and we picked out her wedding dress (it's gorgeous!!!) and the bridesmaid dresses. At that appointment, I was fitted for a size 4 dress....more

What I'm Doing Differently in Pregnancy #2

Now that you all know I'm pregnant, I thought I'd share with you what I'm doing differently this time around, which to be honest, is a lot. I learned a lot of things the hard way in my first pregnancy & even though it all turned out fine in the end, I'd rather not head down that scary road again. (I had pre-eclampsia with Ella, which wasn't specifically linked to my weight gain, but it certainly didn't help.)  ...more

The Truth About Being Pregnant

I can feel the light creeping in through the blinds.  Please no.  Not yet.  My head is throbbing.  I am starving.  No… nauseous.  No… starving.  I can't decide.  I try to turn over but I cannot move.  I am frozen in place.  My arms feel dead.  Pins and needles.  I struggle to shake them.  I squeeze my eyes shut tight.  I can do this.  I can roll over.  On the mental count of 3, I heave my body over to lay on my other side.  My arms...they must have fallen off.  I can no longer feel them.  They are...more

Hospital bed rest

My mom just booked the next flight from Sweden to come help out, (did I luck out in the “having the best mom department” or what?). I can’t believe she is actually coming and that she is landing tonight. Dad confirmed that she got on the plane okay and I’m telling my husband that he has to pick her up around midnight. I get all weepy and emotional thinking about it, every girl needs their mom at a time like this. My husband had to take the day off of work yesterday to take care of our son and today is Saturday and they are both coming to visit me....more