Getting Hit by a Drunk Driver is Not Fun

This is what happened when a drunk 20-something-year-old female slammed into the back of my rental car while I sat at a red light Saturday night. Because of a young woman's irresponsible behavior and reckless choices, I spent the early morning hours today strapped in an uncomfortable neck brace in the emergency room as my back and shoulders were poked and prodded for broken bones.I had to stand uncomfortably in an x-ray booth wearing a lead apron over my 23-week pregnant belly, trusting that the exposure wouldn't be too much for Bug....more

My uncle was killed by a drunk driver when he was 20 years old, so I never met him. To this day, ...more

A True Calling   by Lianne Castelino It just so happens that lately --- pure coincidence - that I've met, been introduced to, bumped into people from all walks of life who had a longing to become parents or in some cases have another child after many years. Every single one of these encounters has been absolutely powerful. ...more

Pregnancy—It Ain’t What it Used to Be

(To see the illustration for this post click on "A Rolling Crone"below) Women have been getting pregnant and birthing babies ever since Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel, and you’d think every woman’s experience of pregnancy was fairly similar, but I’ve recently learned that there are lots of new-fangled aspects to being pregnant that I never heard of back in the 1970’s when I gave birth to three children spaced three years apart. ...more

Timing Contractions: Throw Your Clocks out the Window

One of my pet peeves is the fact that the most widely used tool parents-to-be are taught to use to determine the progress of labour is the great "timing the contraction" ritual....more

Blaming Mothers & Saving the World from Obese Babies

Yes. Babies being born obese. Metformin will save the world from fat babies that may or may not grow up to be obese adults. And don't forget the added bonus of starting disordered eating in the womb as the drug reduces the amount of food and nutrients a baby takes from its mother's blood for the express purpose of pre-birth weight control....more

What does working well for the babies look like to you? Are you hoping that it will make them ...more

True Desire by Lianne Castelino  ...more

Positions in Labour

When I meet people who are interested in working with me as a doula or childbirth educator, one of their burning questions is: "Are you going to teach me about positions to use in labour to make me more comfortable?"...more

Making of a Mother

Here it is. May 8th. Mother's Day! My in-laws just left from a wonderful visit. Husband is off to work. The kids are a bit off. Something to do with staying up extra late, candy, birthday cake, major busy-ness all day long. Heck, the chicken coop is done. Whew. And I just turned on the computer to take a deep, calm breath of computer time. (You know, the house is a bit of mess, after all.) And Google has to tell me it's Mother's Day. What?! ...more

Comfort or Contentment?

This is a post that I have pulled from the archives.  I am no longer pregnant, and am very happy to have a 7 m/o chubby cherub.  Although no longer pregnant, I'm still getting NO sleep. Ahh, the joy of motherhood.   ...more

(INTERVIEW) Christy Turlington Burns and Maternal Health

I'm sure many of you know Christy Turlington Burns from the catwalk, magazine spreads and television commercials. But I'm honored to introduce to you the mother-of-two, public health advocate and director of No Woman, No Cry, a documentary about maternal mortality worldwide. ...more

Couples counseling, PPD, BirthTouch(R) Training for Birth ...more