Will I Ever Be Ready?

What do you do when your body and brain are at odds with your heart?We've been telling people that, without a doubt, 4 children is plenty.  This is it.  We're done now.  Captain is absolutely sure.  But, if I'm being honest with myself, for me, the feeling just isn't there....more

Coming To Grips With A Hospital Birth

Did you all know that I was born at home? I was. My mom is a natural kind of woman and when it came to her babies, I was born at home (when we lived in New York) and my brother was born at the birthing center (in Delaware.) When I got pregnant, call me crazy, the last thing that was on my mind was how in the world I was going to give birth....more
MindyRoberts That is true!! One of the nurses told me they like to hold space in the rooms for ...more

The One Thing I Wish I Knew Before Our First Baby

I recently wrote a devotional for the baby shower of a dear friend.  After pondering the many different approaches it seemed I could take, messages I could give, I attempted to capture the one thing I wish I’d known before welcoming Meggie.  We got pregnant right smack dab in my second semester of a Ph.D....more

Dana’s Corner: How to be Pregnant like a Boss

Our Director of Operations in our office is none other than Dana Case. Among the employees, Dana is known for always “keeping it real.” She keeps the peace, stays organized, and always tells it like it is - today’s post will be coming from the mouth of Miss Dana, realist and advice-giver extraordinaire.This little bundle of kicks and joy marks the second baby I will be having while going to work. So let’s just say that I’m putting “excels at being pregnant at the office like a boss” under the special skills section of my resume from now on....more

Pregnancy Symptoms that no one tells you about.

When I first got pregnant, I knew about the morning sickness and the getting fat, but what no one ever told me was about how pregnancy makes you feel AFTER the first trimester. Sure, there are amazing things, like feeling that precious little jumping bean inside you kicking away, but there are a lot of not so amazing things. For example:1. I am exhausted, ALL the time. I feel like this kid is sucking my energy through a straw. I think I could sleep for 24 hours a day and STILL be tired....more


http://thepinterestedparent.wordpress.com/2013/12/26/its-up-to-you-tom-brady/The Pinterested Parent http://thepinterestedparent.wordpress.com/...more

Deep, Eternal Beauty: Having Kids Didn't Ruin Your Body

At Macy's the other day, I noticed two women looking at dresses together. One of them held up a cute little number, while the other eyed it up and down, sighed, and said, "Yeah, there's no way I could wear that now. Having kids totally ruined my body." Moms say things like this all the time -- "Pregnancy/childbirth/breastfeeding ruined my body." And I get it. But at the same time it makes me sad that so many women lament the softer breasts, squishier tummies, and streaky stretch marks that frequently accompany childbearing. ...more
Every mother who is worried about her post pregnancy body and may have lost her self esteem ...more

Pregnancy Favorites


Can't I just be happy and enjoy these special moments?

I feel like other mums are constantly putting down first time mums with stories of their terrible pregnancies! And not only that, but when we are feeling great and enjoying ourselves, they chime in with all these negative comments: "Just wait until blah blah happens..." and "You think that now, but soon..." Ugh! Just let me be! I am feeling terrific and am loving every second I have with my little girl tumbling in my tummy. I honestly couldn't be happier, so stop trying to ruin it!...more

Let's Play Uterus!

Beckett LOVES it when we play uterus. It’s like his new thing....more