Hyperemesis Gravidarum: It's NOT morning sickness


Who On Earth Would Want Kids, Anyway?

Lately I've seen a few articles floating around weighing the benefits of NOT having children. Three years ago, if I had read any of those lists, I'd probably have checked off every single point:Keep your free time? Check.Keep your body? Check.Keep your money? Check.Keep your career? Check....more

A very special letter to my daughter...

I started writing letters to my little bean the day before I officially found out I was pregnant. I sort of felt...different...and had an inkling I may be pregnant. The next morning, I'd know for sure... ...more

My Miscarriage: What I Know and What I Don’t

Women never forget a miscarried child. Even now 18 years later I wonder how life might have been different if my little girl “Vayle” had survived beyond the 16 weeks we traveled together.My husband and I have 5 boys between us. What would it have been like to have another female in the house to share hurt feelings with or to fight with over missing socks?...more

Is a Paleo Diet Safe for Pregnancy?

It’s Saturday afternoon, and you’ve just enjoyed a wonderful lunch with a friend.  You decide to take a stroll through a bookstore to look for books pertaining to diet now that you're pregnant. You find yourself in the Nutrition and Diet section facing a stupefying number of books on every topic imaginable relating to nutrition – and every single one of them claims to have the answer to what we should be eating. The only problem is, they are ALL insisting on a different diet! You are immediately seized with the overwhelming urge to turn and run as fast as you can out of that store. How on earth are you supposed to figure out what is right for you? ...more
Excellent summary of Paleo eating even for people who aren't pregnant.more

Infertility and Other People's Pregnancies (and Children)

 I’ve been in hiding for the last couple of weeks. Overwhelmed with all there has been, and still is, for me to do. Frustrated with myself about all of the things that I haven’t been able to get done....more

Anemia during pregnancy linked to autism

The University of California-Davis MIND Institute has linked a lack of iron during pregnancy to a higher risk of autism for the baby. The study followed women and their babies for 7 years, beginning in pregnancy, and recorded the mothers' intake of vitamins, nutritional supplements and breakfast cereals while pregnancy or breastfeeding.So how big is the correlation between maternal anemia and autism risk?...more

Accepting My Limitations

I’m about 3 months into my pregnancy and I constantly feel like I’m about to fall asleep. It’s been about 3 years since I was last pregnant and I don’t remember struggling this much. That could be due to the fact that I didn’t work and spent most of the time sitting on the couch, eating and watching episodes of Law and Order SVU. This time around is completely different. Not only do I have a 3 year old, but I also work part time. As excited I am to be pregnant, I’m having to accept these new limitations....more
dailymomtivity Your welcome and thanks for the encouraging response. It is so nice to know that ...more

Your Thyroid During Pregnancy

Thyroid issues are very common during pregnancy, and can have devastating effects on both the mother and the baby.  Unfortunately, thyroid problems are often difficult to diagnose when a woman is pregnant, as the symptoms are very similar to symptoms of pregnancy – including fatigue, aches and pains, dry skin and hair, digestion problems and depression, to name a few.   ...more

Life After Loss

I wrote this post a while ago, based on my experience loosing out daughter Ellie.  Not sure why I never published it...I certainly never dreamed that I would actually need my own advice and be experiencing loss again, but as I was reading through it just now, It really resonated and seemed worth sharing.. My most recent experience has also taught me that loss can look very different, and it all hurts. ...more