10 reasons I loved being pregnant

Go ahead and roll your eyes, ladies.  “Oooooh, shes one of THOSE chicks that actually likes being pregnant”.  Well before you get your panties in a bunch, I should preface this with the facts that I did have morning sickness that was pretty severe at times and plenty of other discomforts throughout the ride.  And I promise, I have plenty of war wounds to prove it!...more

Staying Healthy While Traveling When Pregnant

  *Consult with your doctor or midwife before traveling or exercising while pregnant. This article was written from a non-medical professional point of view. During this pregnancy I have probably spent as much time traveling for work as I have spent at home. In my 4 years of being a professional road warrior, I thought I knew what to expect. Well traveling and traveling while pregnant has turned out to be two different things. ...more

Can delayed umbilical cord clamping increase boys' social skills later?

A new study suggests that delaying clamping/cutting at birth may improve the social and motor skills of boys later.Because the cord is what supplies the blood from the placenta to the baby, the longer the delay, the more iron storage. (The baby receives up to one third more blood volume.)(We're talking 2 minutes, not hours.) Currently, the World Health Organization recommends delaying cord clamping for at least one minute; this may get that upped to two minutes....more

My first pregnancy - 29 weeks

 How far along? 29 weeks! ...more

What on Earth Is a Birth Plan?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Having a baby today is so much different than it was 20 years ago. When I was was pregnant 20 years ago, two birth plans existed: Vaginal delivery or cesarean. There wasn't a choice between the two. A cesarean was only used if a vaginal delivery was not available....more
We are taking classes, but I'm not going Duggar it with a 70 hour delivery.more

6 Lies Pregnant Women Tell Themselves About Motherhood

Lie #1: “I’ll exercise before the kids get up and lose that baby weight in no time!” ...more
I don't know why but I was STILL thinking this stuff on my third kid!  I did manage the organic ...more

I'm Proud of my Epidural

The more I read blogs, the more and more I end up reading birth stories. There's something innately special about a birth story. It's at the same time a personal and universal experience. There are endless ways to experience it - vaginal, c-section, medicated, unmedicated, in a hospital, in birth centers - the list goes on and on. Despite all these different methods, in the end its still the amazing act of bringing new life into the world, and its one of the reasons I love to read birth stories - they are so so different....more

My unplanned pregnancy changed the relationship with my Mom

"It's the same result as the home test you took. Positive." After a long pause and a stare, the woman asked, "Do you plan to continue with the pregnancy?" I wasn't sure how to answer, I wasn't sure if I wanted to answer. I had so many questions of my own that needed answers first. My boyfriend sat in an old blue chair, his eyes shifting in all directions but mine. Finally, our eyes met like those of strangers, he shrugged his shoulders. I turned away from him and back to the woman in the scrubs. In a low whisper, I said, "Yes." My boyfriend and I drove home in silence....more

Flashback: Maternity photo shoot (and some great pose ideas)

I totally fell in love with my maternity photographs and can't thank Alicia B Photography enough for her overwhelming generosity. We had decided early on to splurge for newborn photos (promise to share soon!) should the pregnancy be successful, especially since I'm notorious, according to hubs, for my lack of camera skills (meaning I'm terrible at remembering to actually take the photos). So anyway, as I was saying......more

The Pee Jug

There are a lot of moments in my life that I’m not proud of; of, I should say, lots of moments in my life that others react so shockingly to, that I pretend I’m equally as shocked and appalled at my behavior/misfortune/adventures. But usually, these moments don’t really faze me until someone is like “it’s not normal to consider it a ‘good travel day’ to take a train that caught on fire while you were on it to the airport, where you were then delayed for five hours.” And I’m like “It’s not? I was busy playing solitaire and dominating on my phone....more